Pretoria court escapees still not caught

Johannesburg - The two awaiting-trial prisoners who opened fire in the Pretoria Magistrate's Court, wounding two people, have not yet been arrested, Gauteng police said on Wednesday.

"The two escapees are still at large," said Lieutenant Colonel Khensani Magoai.

A court orderly sustained a slight wound, and a police officer was seriously wounded in the head during Tuesday's shooting.

The Times named them as Constable Eddie Ngobeni and Sergeant Theopilus Mogafe, the court orderly. Ngobeni was apparently trying to save Mogafe when he was shot.

The two prisoners, robbery accused Lucky Segwape, 28, and Nthabeleng Matlatfi, 26, were due to appear in court on charges of house robbery and possession of unlicensed firearms. They emerged from the holding cells and opened fire in the courtroom.

The two prisoners were due to appear in court on charges of house robbery and possession of unlicensed firearms. They came out of the holding cells into the courtroom and opened fire.

The injured officer was due to testify in their case. It was unclear how they got the weapons.

The two fled the court and hijacked a car outside.

The vehicle was abandoned in Atteridgeville, where they hijacked another car.

The pair would now face charges of attempted murder, hijacking, and possession of unlicensed firearms.

Magoai said police on Wednesday also began searching for a third person who had escaped from the same court.

He appeared in court on Tuesday on a charge of armed robbery.

"Today it was discovered that he was not on the list of the awaiting-trial prisoners that were taken to Correctional Services," she said.

"It is unknown how he escaped and an investigation is being conducted."

Police did not provide an update on the two wounded officers.

 The photo of the 2nd escape suspect. (SA Police Service)

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Coda 2014/08/20 06:39:53 PM
They are not yet caught because they probably have buddies in the police force.
adinparadise 2014/08/20 06:55:46 PM
Why were they not handcuffed? Very suspicious story. An inside job for sure.
Menzi Gladile 2014/08/20 07:06:42 PM
This is really becoming obvious that someone in the SAPS is involved, at first how did the prisoners get a gun and lastly how does someone just vanish into thin air? Only to be seen today he has escaped
Jenny Anderson 2014/08/21 09:55:47 AM
Inside job, and doubt they will ever be caught