Primary school boy shot with stray bullet

Johannesburg - An 8-year-old boy was shot and wounded at a primary school in Lwandele, Strand, on Friday, paramedics said.

"Reports suggest that the stray bullet came from a shooting incident in the nearby location," said Emergency Medical Services spokesperson Robert Daniels.

He said the boy was shot in the back while at school at ACJ Phakati Primary.

He was taken to the Helderberg provincial hospital in a stable condition.

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Antonio Porra Francisco 2014/08/08 08:21:58 PM
Enaf with this realy now
Kholo Warren Jesus 2014/08/08 08:32:00 PM
crime in this country has gone out of control. Eliminate all guns and bring back the death penalty.
Phetoho Stephen Maja 2014/08/08 08:40:52 PM
These past weeks have really been bad for kids in SA... 3 brutal deaths :(
Cheech 2014/08/08 08:47:37 PM
And yet some of the folk there support Hammas in Gaza....go figure...
Gerhardus Windpomp 2014/08/08 10:06:06 PM
Nah our children and woman are in big trouble when Barry make it sound cool to pass guns around in a Restaurant.
still faithless 2014/08/08 10:14:52 PM
Ok, so I guess this is not a miracle? I'm sorry, I'm having a hard time keeping up...
Joane Motlamme Joane 2014/08/08 10:16:42 PM
well its bcz many people despice the yong ones
@Thabo.Shaku 2014/08/08 11:17:30 PM
Shot "with" or "by"!
Alice Tompa 2014/08/08 11:20:08 PM
This shows how unsafe children are . I. Pity the poor educators at that school who ll be blamed for this . I wish the little one a speedy recovery. Children are so innocent , they don't deserve this.
Periencd Laaitie 2014/08/08 11:20:55 PM
Schools aren't even safe, SAPS need to start waking the duck up. Siht And Piss Service, fking useless