Pro- and anti-Israel supporters show up at Zionist rally

Johannesburg - Pro-Palestine supporters gathered outside the Huddle Park Golf Course in Linksfield on Sunday, to protest against a rally being held by the SA Zionist Federation in support of Israel.

Inside the golf course, chief rabbi Warren Goldstein said: "Hamas militants in Palestine are ideological allies of other groups such as Boko Haram in Nigeria and Al Shabaab in Syria."

Hamas is in control of Gaza in Palestine.

He said thousands of Africans were being murdered by militants across the continent because they are Christians.

"What is happening in places such as Nigeria is deplorable. Our message here is that of peace across Israel and Palestine.

"A terrorist state has launched rockets to a democratic state. Israel has exhibited more care to harming citizens than any other military." ACDP president Kenneth Meshoe and Shembe church members, led by Bishop Phakamani Shembe were also present.

Israel has the same right to existence as other democratic states, Meshoe said.

"We are here to say we do not believe what is coming out of the media, we can read and we know the truth," African Christian Democratic Party leader Meshoe said.

"Just as the USA, Germany and Britain has a right to exist, so does Israel. Any human being has a right to existence, whether we agree with them or not."

Meshoe said he was saddened by the deaths in Israel and Palestine as a result of the ongoing conflict.

"The loss of life, especially when it comes to women and children, is saddening."

"Hamas must be told to stop using women and children as human shields. They should move from firing rockets from residential areas in Gaza."

Crowd surpassing 10 000

A master of ceremonies announced just before 16:00 that, according to the SA Police Service, the crowd had passed 10 000 and more people were streaming in.

Outside the venue, pro-Palestine supporters held placards calling for peace and the freedom of Palestine from Israel.

Security was tight as armed security guards requested identification before one could walk or drive in.

Authorities say least 9 000 Gazans have been wounded and rights groups have estimated that more than 10 000 houses were destroyed or badly damaged by Israel, the Agence France-Presse reported.

More than 250 000 Palestinians - about 15% of the population - have fled their homes in Gaza. About half of the territory is deemed unsafe for civilians.

Brooklax Mpundus 2014/08/03 07:07:43 PM
All you pro-hamas terrorists. Did you see the support israel has in S A ? Supporters of all races / faiths showed up to show their revulsion at these hamas shytes. Long live israel ! ( ps: i am not a jew)
Markie Crichton 2014/08/03 07:14:20 PM
There are people in Palestine who were born and died without testing this freedom, including Yasser Arafat. And I'm sure there are people in Israel who were born and died without seeing this freedom (maybe including Ariel Sharon).There has been the Yom Kippur, the 6-day war, and many others. It is this 6 day war that saw the Egyptians, Syrians, Palestinians and Jordanians gang up against Israel and trying to 'wipe Israel off'. This is when the Gaza occupation started. People tend to conveniently forget this! That Gaza was occupied during a war, which Israel won. I think this is easy: Hamas stops rockets and Israel will stop. And then negotiate new borders like Sudan. This can be done. Palestinians MUST reject Hamas for this to happen. Hamas is an extremist organisation and will never embrace peace
Trevor Mitchell 2014/08/03 07:14:33 PM
Pro Israel, Pro Hamas. No mention of anyone being Pro Peace.
Alan Smith 2014/08/03 07:17:19 PM
News24 booooooooooo
Bradly Minnaar 2014/08/03 07:18:06 PM
We need big gatherings like this against crime.
Kuben Chetty 2014/08/03 07:23:18 PM
Israel reminds me of apartheid - Desmond Tutu.......a nobel peace prize winner. If you are pro Israel you support evil...just like the whites in SA who supported in apartheid and went to bed wiuthout a care at night...while their kids today struggle to find jobs and have no future on the country of their birth because of their actions...evil cant be cured
Raul Fernandez 2014/08/03 07:23:25 PM
Israel's crime against Palestinian is a crime against humanity. The Jewish people that support it or that remain passive in the face of such onslaught should be ashamed.
Ebrahim Khan 2014/08/03 07:25:18 PM
Its was mighty good Pr by the da, amazingly ifp an acdp were visible.da no were to be gives me great satisfaction knowing they will never loose.just need to be wary of the zionist lobby infiltrating the party.
Bnet Jonas 2014/08/03 07:25:31 PM
Our church was invited to the march and there were hundreds of other churches members there as well as the Zionist community. The Jewish rabbi spoke beautiful no violence or these are our enemies preached just asking to pray for reason and peace. The event was only marred by Muslim and eff supporters who wouldn't let our taxi bus in, it is ironic that they the Muslim crowd called us racial insults and refered to us at the jews garden boys and maids, since they were the ones pretending to be under the equality banner. Just on the side I went to go speak ti the EFF guys who I must say were very friendly to me and they were being told what to say and where to stand by the pro gaza supporters. So I guess that Eff is in collusion with the pro Muslim community or are modern day slaves or the Arabic peoples
Tinus Fourie 2014/08/03 07:43:14 PM
Destroy Hamas! Destroy them terrorist Nazi's! Long live Israel!!!