Protesting Gauteng pupils head home

Johannesburg – Protesting Gauteng pupils have headed home after an afternoon of looting and wreaking havoc in Johannesburg, police say.

Pupils dressed in school uniforms descended on Johannesburg CBD after 13:00 on Wednesday, looting vendors and terrorising shop owners.

Police spokesperson Lungelo Dlamini told News24 that by 17:20 all the pupils had left the Gauteng Legislature.

According to reports the protest, which was organised by the Congress of South African Students, gathered at the legislature to deliver a memorandum of demands to the MEC of education and MEC of community safety.

Earlier Dlamini said: “We have officers on the scene monitoring the situation, but are not sure why they are marching.”

Reports from the CBD said the children where wreaking havoc as they looted from street vendors and forced shops to close.

Sapa reported that four pupils were taken to hospital after being attacked by shop owners while they were looting.

"Four male learners assaulted by shopkeepers, who retaliated [to looting], were taken to hospital," said Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said.

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Marutle Cdney Mabogoane 2014/07/30 05:40:00 PM
Heading home to have unprotected sex
Samson Mdabuli 2014/07/30 05:40:13 PM
Bliksem hulle.
Mike Heyns 2014/07/30 05:40:31 PM
Not even 20 minutes on the previous article and they had to close the comments??!! Perhaps they are scared that some parents identify their kids there?? Job done for the day, no homework!!
Piet Viljoen 2014/07/30 05:41:56 PM
...then the world wonder why we had apartheid.
G man 2014/07/30 05:42:30 PM
Well, what was that all about anyway? I mean, I know what it was about, but the looting and stuff, and the hooliganism. Has the EFF nothing to say about this? Or are they too busy trying to ward off the whole nazi label thing?
kalabafazi 2014/07/30 05:42:49 PM
This is what happens when they only need to achieve 30% to be considered educated. Vendors and shop owners should do the same to these students houses.
Mageba 2014/07/30 05:43:53 PM
Uhmm... So these pupils simply decided to protest for no reason whatsoever? News24 has to up its game ...
TaxStrike 2014/07/30 05:45:58 PM
Back to the kennels, I guess. Whoof. Whoof.
Piet Viljoen 2014/07/30 05:48:18 PM
SPREUKE 29:2 'n Volk juig as regverdige mense die mag kry; 'n volk sug as 'n goddelose mens regeer. SPREUKE 19:10 Weelde pas nie by 'n dwaas nie, nog minder behoort 'n slaaf oor mense van aansien te regeer.
Jacqueline Olver 2014/07/30 05:49:38 PM
This is what happens when the rights of children become to broad and as a result respect is giving the back door