Public input on effects of e-tolls begins

Johannesburg - Public consultations on the socio-economic impact of the e-tolls will begin on Wednesday.

The advisory panel would focus on expanding knowledge as well as explore the implications and perceptions of financing the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) and e-tolls.

On Monday, the Gauteng provincial government announced that the panel would embark from 27 August on a month-long process of consultation with organisations and individuals.

"The consultation process is aligned to the research work which is already underway. The consultation will solicit new views on the economic, social and environmental impacts of the GFIP and e-tolls," spokesperson Thabo Masebe had said.

Organisations were invited to respond to the information provided by the key implementers of GFIP and e-tolls, and to address the following questions: - What are the economic and social impacts of GFIP and the e-tolls? - What is the impact of the GFIP and e-tolls on the environment? - How and where are the costs and benefits of GFIP and e-tolls distributed across society and the economy?

Masebe said the panel emphasised that the process of consultation was an objective process with no pre-determined outcome.

The panel was expected to report to premier David Makhura at the end of November, by providing analysis and recommendations grounded in substantial evidence.

The hearings would take place at the Gautrain offices in Midrand.

Labour would be heard on 27 August, business on 27 and 29 August, and civil society from 1 to 3 September.

Information and knowledge institutions would be heard on 4 September, and transport organisations from 4 September.

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Edward Kolobe 2014/08/27 05:52:32 AM
Nexxxxxt to follow; Public input on effects of Nkandla to begin soon
Derek Bekker 2014/08/27 06:09:51 AM
Here is my input "go to hell s@nral"
Berkold Enderstend 2014/08/27 06:41:26 AM
Nothing but a feeble and obvious attempt to brainwash the masses into believing that e-tolls are good for them. SCAMRal - you can NEVER justify this kind of large scale theft!!
Jamill Ahmed 2014/08/27 06:43:48 AM
Very simple look at the data base see how many vehicles are on the enatis system and let those. vote in a etoll election im willing to go spend the day in a que knowing that this rubbish will come down
Warwick Railton 2014/08/27 06:57:18 AM
Just another anc cadre talkshop.............nothing less.
Marco De Giovanni 2014/08/27 07:00:57 AM
Talk about it??? Or should we say have a little dance!!
jungleboy 2014/08/27 07:04:45 AM
They are only doing this to say we have engaged with public. .. now pay up. They will come up with some pathetic proposal to lower the costs by a few cents or some ridiculous scheme that nobody will understand so that they can onfe again put the gun to our heads and threaten us. SANRAL is a devious organisation not to be trusted....liars and corrupt to the core. NEVER.
Johan Nothnagel 2014/08/27 07:06:52 AM
E-toll Proudly Sponsored by the "ANC"- that means the 62% must pay !!!!!! Bring the Money !!!!!
Don Teflon Master 2014/08/27 07:08:05 AM
For E-tolls to be scrapped each and every citizen of Gauteng who is against this must make it their mission to attend the public consultations and officially voice their objections, this must be done, even if it means taking a day of leave from work or taking to marching on the streets. Commenting on social media is good for gehtering support, but should not be limited to this only. People it is time to rise up and take back our country!
Jamill Ahmed 2014/08/27 07:12:31 AM
Don i agree 1000% with you its time this etoll curse must stop