Quarter of judges did not declare interests

Johannesburg - Nearly a quarter of South Africa's judges did not declare their interests as required by a new law, the Sunday Times reported.

"Judges who fail to comply with the law must be reported to the Judicial Service Commission," judiciary spokesperson Lulama Luti told the newspaper.

According to a new law, all working judges had a deadline of until the end of March to disclose shares, financial interests in businesses, directorships, royalties, gifts and hospitalities worth more than R1 500 that they - or their families had received.

Pat Gagai, who is in charge of compiling the register of interests said that 64 judges had not submitted the information, while 219 had done so.

Luti told the Sunday Times that one of the judges had declared that he would challenge the regulations; while another had submitted reasons for not complying with the new requirements.

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Andile Sityebi 2014/08/03 10:26:44 PM
You have to wonder what is it that they are hiding?
Tessa Friedman 2014/08/04 12:22:10 AM
They were probably some of the same judges who gave a reduced sentence to the rapist of an eleven year old girl citing "willing victim"
Lethabo Ka Makgoba 2014/08/04 05:33:53 AM
They are missing the accountability concept. They should be replaced.
Sisie Indola 2014/08/04 08:00:41 AM
Name them and shame them. That will put an end to all speculation. I dare you!