Ramaphosa has cordial meeting with Afrikaners

Johannesburg - The Boere-Afrikaner Volksraad encountered no negativity from acting President Cyril Ramaphosa when they met to discuss Afrikaner self-determination, the council said on Friday.

"The almost two-hour long meeting at the Union Buildings took place with an open heart and good spirit," it said.

Ramaphosa met the delegation on Thursday afternoon for a briefing on the group's aim of self-determination for the "Boere-Afrikaner".

The organisation said Ramaphosa's delegation asked many questions on the actual form of an Afrikaner people's republic, and these were answered.

Ramaphosa in turn made some proposals, which would be discussed at the Boere-Afrikaner Volksraad (Boere-Afrikaner People's Council).

Boere-Afrikaner Volksraad chairperson Andries Breytenbach told Sapa the Constitution allowed for self-determination for particular groups, but this had to be passed through Parliament. To do this, they would need the support of Parliament.

Ramaphosa said he would discuss the matter with African National Congress secretary general Gwede Mantashe, Breytenbach said.

The ANC, which Ramaphosa is deputy president of, has the majority in Parliament.

In the meantime, the council would approach other Afrikaner groups interested in self-determination to make the process more inclusive, and so that government had to deal only with one forum.

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Busi Thabethe 2014/08/29 04:13:35 PM
can President Zuma give Cyril umshini wakhe asseblief,we tired of scandals everyday
Tera Gaju 2014/08/29 04:15:43 PM
AZANIA doesnt need u.
New_South_African_Glory 2014/08/29 04:15:50 PM
Can I state this and correct News24. He did not meet with Afrikaners but with a small group of Afrikaners. GET YOUR HEADLINES SORTED! These guys do not represent me. They barely represent 0.1% of the country or is that 0.0001%
Kgwatle Koloane 2014/08/29 04:16:41 PM
The only place to practice self determination is Europe that will happen over my dead body
mlindos 2014/08/29 04:23:20 PM
Give them robben island
Mphoza Mkwanazi 2014/08/29 04:24:27 PM
I refuse to believe mandla is black
Deon Aucamp 2014/08/29 04:29:05 PM
I am an Afrikaner and have never heard of the clowns Mr Ramaphosa met with.
Bento Maepa 2014/08/29 04:32:17 PM
With the dirty tricks that the ANC has been up to, you cannot blame them from wanting out. Zuma has completely destroyed what Mandela stood for and what he left us with.
Proudly White 2014/08/29 04:35:35 PM
Poor suckers. They'll deserve what they get in the end. History repeats itself. Piet Retief also thought he could negotiate with dingaan.
Auspicious Ndaba Sekoloni 2014/08/29 04:36:24 PM
The borders are always open 4 these devils. on what grounds do need their own state