Ramaphosa is a murderer - protesters

Pretoria - Several protesters yelled at Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa again on Tuesday afternoon as he gave evidence at the Farlam Commission of Inquiry.

"Murderer", "Buffalo head", "Killer", "Sell-out", shouted a group of men in the auditorium of the Tshwane Council chambers where the inquiry holds public hearings.

Police officers rushed to the entrance as commission chairperson retired Judge Ian Farlam instructed the protesters to leave the room.

The men left the room still shouting. Ramaphosa stared as the group shouted.

The commission is investigating the deaths of 44 people during strike-related violence at Lonmin's platinum mining operations at Marikana, near Rustenburg in the North West, in August 2012.

Thirty-four people, mostly striking mineworkers, were shot dead in a clash with police, over 70 were wounded, and over 250 arrested on 16 August 2012. Police were apparently trying to disarm and disperse them.

In the preceding week, 10 people, including two policemen and two Lonmin security guards, were killed.

Ramaphosa was a non-executive director and shareholder of Lonmin at the time.

On Monday, bodyguards rushed to the auditorium as the protesters heckled Ramaphosa for the first time.

Farlam briefly adjourned the proceedings after the session was brought to a standstill.

The group banged on tables and clapped hands shouting "Ramaphosa must resign" and "blood on his hands".

Andrew John Becker 2014/08/12 04:57:12 PM
Shame. Maybe someone should take these protesters out. Why are we even wasting tax money on this bs. The marikana protesters were acting in a violent and conpletely anti social manner and they got what hey deserved.
Made-In SA 2014/08/12 05:02:59 PM
Then Mathunjwa is a murderer too.It was AMCU who incited the miners,armed them,made them drank muti made from the ashes from burning sheep live and the ashes of body parts of the killed security guards.Who killed the 10 people,including 2 policemen,before the Marikana shooting.? Acting all innocent ,that is AMCU and Mathunjwa.Who is taking responsibility for the jobs that will be lost because of the prolonged strike?
Made-In SA 2014/08/12 05:05:56 PM
And another thing.Ntzebeza is a racist.Why did he have to ask Ramaphosa yesterday on the reason that he is using a white advocate?What does this have to do with the enquiry?Big Sies for that.And that coming from the guy who appoints the judges in South Africa.
Malcolm Nicolson 2014/08/12 05:09:06 PM
These protesters are trying very hard to pin law abiding citizens, making them responsible for the deaths of the strikers that took the police by surprise by rushing them, to attack the police. What do the strikers expect from the police after the strikers had murdered people in the past days, to stand by and get murdered as well???
Khuliso Mutsha 2014/08/12 05:20:51 PM
People like CR knows how to deal with pressure, i feel very strongly that miners lawlessness had to Be stopped at all cost, including Killing those 34 on the 16 August, that was an act of self defence by police.
Anita Zondagh 2014/08/12 05:22:36 PM
Did these miners think they can rush the police with weapons blazing and that the police will just wait to be killed? How stupid can you be!!!
Jamill Ahmed 2014/08/12 05:36:57 PM
Simple solution lol give the mines to ANC and there will be no more strikes no more killings. ..just a abandoned mine
Justice Mogajane 2014/08/12 05:37:40 PM
I have been absent from this page for 2 weeks . And some people are still racists .
Sphesihle Nzimande 2014/08/12 05:44:29 PM
I'm not a law expect but how come Most of those miners dat died during the massarce were shot at da back,how come can one conclude dat it was self dèfence by da police?
Kamohelo Moshodi 2014/08/12 05:55:21 PM
If its not Ramaphosa who killed them then who did??? He is a killer finish n klaar.cancer killing its own people sissssss maan