Rape sentence reduced over 'willing victim'

Pretoria - The life sentence of a man who repeatedly raped an 11-year-old girl he regarded as "a daughter" was reduced on appeal by the High Court in Pretoria because she seemed to be a willing partner, the Citizen reported on Saturday.

Molefe Joseph Mphanama's life sentence was replaced with an effective sentence of 20 years imprisonment for his conviction on four rape charges.

Two judges said the girl had visited Mphanama out of her own free will after the first rape and her unwillingness to have sex was only shown when she closed her thighs, according to the report.

On one occasion the girl reportedly asked her mother to allow her to go to his house and spend the rest of the week with him.

During the trial, the State argued that Mphanama groomed the girl over time. The court, at the time, dismissed the argument that the girl had consented to sex because she was only 11, which in terms of legislation meant she was unable to consent.

According to the report, there was reportedly no evidence that she had experienced any negative psychological symptoms for the rape.

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anele.mveku 2014/08/02 01:32:30 PM
11 year old a willing victim? WTF?????
Sylvia Penney-Lombard 2014/08/02 01:36:23 PM
This is insane - she is a child and the perpetrator is a rapist paedophile.
Sylvia Penney-Lombard 2014/08/02 01:36:40 PM
This is insane - she is a child and the perpetrator is a rapist paedophile.
Byron Pienaar 2014/08/02 01:37:40 PM
Bloody hell
Frank Jordaan 2014/08/02 01:41:56 PM
What is happening to our judicial system? This rapist's sentence should have been increased.Is the rights of a sick criminal more important than that of a young child?
Lou-Ann Fouche 2014/08/02 01:44:42 PM
Un-freakin-believeble! What does a 11 year old know about consent? And why on earth would a mother allow her child to go to a grown man's house? Even the Judge's are turning out to be sickos! Gosh this sick world is scaring me...
Venicia Williams 2014/08/02 01:49:11 PM
this is insane and oh so sad...our justice system is a mockery and a joke to these criminals...the victim become the offender, ai
Paul Gevers 2014/08/02 01:53:42 PM
Typical bloody african country
Lindy Jeffery 2014/08/02 01:54:37 PM
Utterly insane !!
Rameez Mookadan 2014/08/02 01:56:31 PM
No.this is sick.she was 11 :|