Reiger Park body not yet identified - police

Johannesburg - Gauteng police were on Sunday trying to identify the partially burnt body of a child found in a mine dump in Reiger Park.

"We are still busy with the process of identifying the body," said Colonial Noxolo Kweza.

It was not known yet if it was the body of Cuburne Lavone van Wyk, who disappeared on 6 August while playing outside with siblings.

She said the process was likely to be completed sometime during the week.

The body was found on Saturday by a passerby who informed the police.

At the time, Kweza said police were looking for 25-year-old Katleho Phoku known as "Chicken" who they think could help with the investigation into the boy's disappearance.

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Natasha Van Zyl 2014/08/10 12:39:41 PM
This is why we hate. There are just too many people who will do these things without conscience. We must be the country with by far the most serial killers and rapists on earth. Think about it ...
Bento Maepa 2014/08/10 12:42:46 PM
Paedophiles are eating away at our children little by little, for South Africa has become their new paradise. They know it, we know it and the law knows it - that they can't be touched for lack of that EVIL thing called EVIDENCE.
Paul Boya 2014/08/10 01:01:25 PM
I am staying in reiger park I don't feel comfort when my daughter tell me she is going to play with her friends I think as community we have to be responsible when we see something suspicious we must report immediately.
Jamill Ahmed 2014/08/10 03:22:34 PM
hi Marlene have you lived in india?
Chantelle Crocker Monaghan 2014/08/10 05:41:12 PM
People troll these pages picking fights over race on nearly every story reported.. This is about a child who is dead because of some sick minded individual. It has nothing to do with colour or country. The laws need to be stiffened up and pir children need to feel safe and secure, and they don't. They are growing up with parents who fight over race issues daily, who lock up their homes like forts at night in fear.. Does it really matter if Marlene has lived in India or not? Does it really matter about thumbs and ANC.. This story isn't about India or the ANC.. its a South African story about a South African child being burnt in a South African area on South African news....
Chantelle Crocker Monaghan 2014/08/10 05:43:31 PM
May the child have peace and may his or her parents find solace in the support from their friends, family and community. .
Sam Gaffor 2014/08/11 02:23:04 PM
In a NORMAL world, children should bury their parents, so when parents have to bury their children, something is seriously wrong. It is easy to blame criminals and drugs and gangs (Westbury killing) but commonsense dictates otherwise. Commonsense IS DEFINITELY NOT COMMON!!!!! The saddest part is that in most instances innocent people and children pay for the sins of their parents. To rewind to 94,we had only two (2) choices, either you vote for Law and Order or you vote for Captain Chaos., these were the only TWO choices that this country had. From history we should have learned from Transkei and Bop, but we did not. And unfortunately Captain Chaos won and a lot of innocent people are paying are paying with their lives.