Report: Union bodyguards punch members

Johannesburg - Samwu leaders' bodyguards punched, pepper sprayed, and shot at union members at the Johannesburg office to stop them entering the building, the Star reported on Thursday.

"We came to work this morning [Wednesday] and were forced out of the building. I was manhandled by three of them and pepper sprayed," Gauteng deputy secretary Nomfezo Mdingi said.

The Star reported that the SA Municipal Workers' Union national office-bearers (NOBs) announced this week more members believed to be sowing division in the union would be suspended.

About 40 members and leaders had already been suspended.

A group calling itself Save Our Samwu (SOS) was demanding a forensic audit to prove that R136m - that allegedly went missing from its coffers because of "dodgy dealings" - was misappropriated, according to the report.

Mdingi said on Tuesday they were asked for duplicate keys to their offices.

"This is what they intended to do all along. This is a deliberate act. They hired people to come and assault us," she was quoted as saying.

"The NOB's are accountable for those missing millions."

Samwu general secretary Walter Theledi said Mdingi was expelled but SOS interdicted the union from carrying out expulsions. The case would be heard in the South Gauteng High Court on 15 September.

He said he was at the office and unaware of the fight.

"They were not here to deal with internal union matters. They came to harass. It is unacceptable behaviour."

kalabafazi 2014/09/04 10:34:22 AM
A taste of your own medicine heh. I thought the unions thrived on harassment.
Amos Quito 2014/09/04 10:56:58 AM
karma is a b1tch. So who are you going to complain to now? Don't you realize all they want are your union fees to live the good life :-)
Archie Dempster 2014/09/04 11:02:15 AM
If they were all gainfully employed we would not have half the problems
Joe Casquilho 2014/09/04 11:04:45 AM
So! The unions show their true colours, hope you feel good now that you know and don't come complaining, WE DON'T CARE!
Andrew M 2014/09/04 11:48:36 AM
Hooligans vs Hooligans what more needs to be said.
NoAbsolutes 2014/09/04 11:56:15 AM
The union leaders are carefully looking after workers' funds - according to Jon Low anyway lol.
Rakesh Panday 2014/09/04 12:06:47 PM
I hope these workers don't go on strike now that their nobs are ripping them off
Bob Van Wilder 2014/09/04 01:35:55 PM
Showing streetcred is cool
Carl Lategan 2014/09/04 03:00:01 PM
In general the "masses" are still too trusting. The only way they will stop believeng the false stories of their fair right to everything that is not theirs is when they witness the fat cats squander their money. I feel sorry for the workers... but medicine to make it all better is sometimes bitter!!!
Bob Mearly 2014/09/04 03:30:32 PM
Condemn their behavior that will fix it.