Robbers caught after Benoni shoot-out, car-chase

Johannesburg - Two suspected house robbers were injured and one arrested after a high-speed chase and a shoot-out with metro police and community policing forum (CPF) members in Benoni on Friday, Ekurhuleni metro police said.

Chief Superintendent Wilfred Kgasago said Benoni CPF members saw a car which was linked with a house robbery in Farramere in the week where a gun safe containing three handguns was stolen.

"Following a high-speed chase of the three suspects, who were in a silver VW Golf, the CPF members were shot at by the occupants of the Golf. The CPF members decided to seek assistance from Ekurhuleni metro police," Kgasago said.

"A member of the EMPD northern region crime prevention task team responded swiftly to the call and gave the suspects a double-dose of their medicine."

He said one of the alleged robbers was wounded and when the other two tried to run away, one broke his leg.

The third man was arrested on the scene.

The two injured men are under police guard at the Tembisa hospital.

A .38 special revolver was confiscated.

The men are expected to appear in the Kempton Park Magistrate's Court soon on charges of robbery, attempted murder and possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

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German Shepherd 2014/08/02 08:38:19 AM
Johan Venter 2014/08/02 08:48:13 AM
Hmmm. These thugs should be executed on the spot. Save tax payers money and court time.
Jamill Ahmed 2014/08/02 08:50:54 AM
Well done
Ek Jou Gese 2014/08/02 08:58:38 AM
Aim for the head next time.
Grant McCall 2014/08/02 09:00:35 AM
Take note, a private security company and then metro police but no mention of the south African piss force.
Marco West 2014/08/02 09:01:10 AM
Khethelo Lam 2014/08/02 09:24:46 AM
From a farramere resident thank u job well done
Leonie Potgieter Bakker 2014/08/02 09:25:31 AM
Well done guys!! If only we could get more such positive reviews on all criminal matters, what a breakthrough that will be for crime prevention! Imagine how that could positively impact on our crime statistics!! I was wondering why I the helicopters were up and about with search lights and all...SAPS, make us feel safe again!!!
Ahmed Essop Bullu 2014/08/02 09:30:29 AM
Well done guys. Benoni cpf has to be one of the best.
Anton Anton 2014/08/02 09:44:54 AM
Well done CPF and metro, just shoot to kill these criminals next time, costing us money to keep them in hospital and jail.