Robbers hit another Gauteng mall

Pretoria - A Telkom store at Kolonade Mall in Montana, Pretoria, was robbed on Tuesday evening of electronic goods worth over R200 000, police said.

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"Two armed men entered the store and demanded that the staff go to the back before taking cellphones worth over R200 000," Captain Johannes Maheso said.

Two men in a gang of four entered the store while the others remained outside. Once they collected their loot, the gang made their getaway.

Maheso said no shots were fired and no one was injured.

The mall's management was not available for comment.

Sixth mall robbery

Kolonade was the sixth mall in Gauteng to be hit by robbers in the past two months.

On Monday, Maponya mall in Soweto and Northgate mall were also hit by robbers.

At Maponya mall, six men took part in the crime. According to police, two security guards went inside the mall to collect money. As they were walking inside the mall, they were confronted by a man who pointed a firearm at them, and he took the money in the bags the guards were carrying.

The man left the mall, meeting another man at the entrance who fired a shot. The robbers then ran away, and were joined by four others.

At Northgate mall, two men robbed a cellphone shop. The manager was forced into the back office, where they took money and cellphones and fled. No shots were fired. No one was injured.

The iStore at Centurion Mall was robbed of goods worth over R1m on 22 August.

On 13 August, the iStore at Cresta Shopping Centre was robbed and one person was injured when the gang made their getaway.

The Glen's iStore was robbed a few days later.

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Marlene Black 2014/09/03 07:33:59 AM
I like that idea.,
Altus Kirsten 2014/09/03 07:36:50 AM
Police at work again.
Achaar Sekhukhune 2014/09/03 07:38:26 AM
are we gng to be save in this malls in festive
Hlamulani Abraham 2014/09/03 07:39:41 AM
the state must do something b4 ist too late to protect its citizens.or else.......................
Lara Williams 2014/09/03 07:41:58 AM
Clearly cell phones are easy to unblock or this epidemic would not be a reality.
Alwyn du Preez 2014/09/03 07:49:16 AM
Job creation by anc. A good story to tell!
Helena Kieser 2014/09/03 07:49:46 AM
Willing buyers enable these people.
Dirk Engelbrecht 2014/09/03 07:51:58 AM
I recon not long from now we are going to be scanned before entering a mall... Government needs to enforce sticker prison sentences to thieves... Or the cops should just start shooting them on site, there is no space in the prisons in any case...
Johan Nothnagel 2014/09/03 07:54:49 AM
Dear News24, can you give us other news than this "day2day African Culture" news. We all know our govt is useless by now......."Corruption and crime" is all they know..... So please ......
Wisdom 2014/09/03 07:59:52 AM
Telkom store is a target. Even at mall@reds it has been robbed more than once. These malls are not safe hai