Rubber bullets fired at Mooi River protesters

Durban - Rubber bullets and teargas were used to disperse about 1 500 protesters from the N3 near Mooi River, KwaZulu-Natal police said on Wednesday.

"The protesters were throwing stones at passing vehicles. Two cases of malicious damage to property have been opened for investigation," police spokesperson Thulani Zwane said.

The protests started on Friday, but died down over the weekend. They erupted again on Monday and Wednesday. Protesters have been calling for the Mooi Mpofana local municipality mayor Ntombi Mpangase to be given the sack.

N3 Toll Concession spokesperson Andy Visser said on Wednesday: "The situation in the Mooi River area is volatile, with a few motorists reporting stoning of vehicles and intermittent blockading of the N3.

"Furthermore, manning of the Mooi River Toll Plaza has been affected by the protest action causing delays and queues at times."

She urged motorists to either delay or avoid travelling through Mooi River.

"The challenge remains that the situation rapidly changes and we are primarily focused on making sure that motorists along with our staff are safe," she said.

On Monday police said they had arrested 10 people. It was not immediately clear if more had been arrested during Wednesday's protests.

On Monday the province's cooperative governance and traditional affairs department said it had sent a rapid response team to defuse the situation.

Comment could not immediately be obtained from department spokesperson Lennox Mabaso.

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Chris Lock 2014/08/27 09:26:33 PM
Another protest! Does this government just not care?
Archie Dempster 2014/08/27 09:27:13 PM
Where are the police at parliament
Scotty English 2014/08/27 09:31:15 PM
African mentality again. Please just go back deep into the bush and stay there.
Hengu Willemse 2014/08/27 09:38:46 PM
They're angry at the government but they damage other citizens' property??? Vandals!
Hauke Liefferink 2014/08/27 09:58:28 PM
Rubber bullets are a gentle reminder that, if you're unhappy with your current situation, yet happened to vote cANCer again, you're a silly noo noo head.
proudlysa 2014/08/27 09:58:51 PM
Feel good stories are all around, aren't they ANC. Open your eyes, your corruption is destroying SA
Martina Prchalova 2014/08/27 11:26:01 PM
Proudly brought to you by ANC!
John Stoltz 2014/08/28 06:56:22 AM
Imbeciles of Mooi River, remember the election in May 2014??? You are to blame and you must face the pain until next election!!! You really worked hard for what you now reap!! (Get educated now before the next election and you will know to do the right thing!!)
Craig Harrison 2014/08/28 09:26:40 AM
Just another party,...always the same big smiles, dancing, laughing,jumping around drinking/smoking it up,.........while they throw rocks at cars traveling at speed with children and families in them!And no shortage of woman participating, while their children look one and learn! This is now the norm,...........3rd world folks, it is what it is!