Rural hospital over the moon after ‘miracle’ delivery of triplets

IT was a triple surprise and what doctors have called a “miracle” when a rural Midlands hospital helped deliver triplets ­naturally.

The Ixopo-based Christ the King Hospital nurse and doctor delivered triplets naturally two weeks ago, a first for the hospital.

While one of the children named Sibusiso died just over a week later due to complications, two girls, named Busisiwe and Nombuso, are healthy but will remain in hospital under observation until they gain weight.

Dr Siyabonga Ngozo, a medical manager at the hospital, said they were not aware the mother was going to deliver triplets and neither was she.

“This is why it is so important for every women to have at least one ultra-sound done. It is to predict these kinds of things.

“It helps to see the baby and it helps to determine the expected date of delivery,” he said.

He said the mother, Nosifiso Nyangana (23), had delivered before without complication.

Nyangana, who was extremely shy, said while she was “surprised” she is happy with the children and can’t wait to take them home.

Ngozo said on July 5, the mother came to the hospital and she was already in labour.

“One of the doctors who had been on duty the night before noticed that it was a breach [when a baby is not coming out head-first] and she asked me to be there when the baby is delivered to make sure that there are no complications.”

He said there were only a “few junior nurses” who were “terrified”.

“I showed them two videos on how to deliver a breach but when the time came they all fled and I was left with one that I had to grab by the arm.”

He said they delivered the first baby and thought they were done, then the second came and then the third.

“Even the mother started crying. The boyfriend had only come with clothes for one baby. He fled when he heard three children had been born. He came back later,” said Ngozo

He said for a rural hospital to deliver triplets naturally was “nothing short of a miracle”. “If I had known beforehand that she was delivering triplets, I would have performed a caesarean,” he said

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Michelle Mountain 2015/07/18 11:05:08 AM
Shame poor father must of been in shock lol truly a miracle from god
Russell Hendry 2015/07/18 11:08:43 AM
Well done Doc Siyabonga. You and The King performed a miracle.
Hlobisile Hlobzin Nkosi 2015/07/18 11:22:31 AM
A miracle indeed, wow this is unusual. Congratulations to the parents and a job well done to the Doctor.
Rodney Bonokwane 2015/07/18 12:23:54 PM
A good story for a rural setting... well done Dr and Team.. mission accomplished... I can definitely understand the shocked reaction of the boyfriend..please Dr arrange some counselling for him so that he can adjust and stay for the sake of his children.. its definitely way beyond what he had bargained for.... maybe we can also help with small donations just to make their lifes bearable.. everyone will definitely need help in this regard..
Khetha Hlophe 2015/07/18 12:26:06 PM
I am embarrassed by those midwives. Grabbed by hands
Khetha Hlophe 2015/07/18 12:27:10 PM
I'm embarrassed by those midwives, how one can be grabbed by hand
Rodney Bonokwane 2015/07/18 12:29:56 PM
Can we get a charity running for this mother ... maybe for a good samaritan to arrange with the mother to open a private bank account and we can donate a few cents that will hopefully cushion the family or help with buying an item for them. I stand ready to pledge my share, I am sure that there will be a few people that will also assist voluntarily...
Bonani Nggqaimbana 2015/07/18 12:39:06 PM
Well done Dr and the nurse.i concur,the boyfriend needs some counselling so he does not abandon his kids..but at least he came back.well done to him n may he find strength to support his kids
Rodney Bonokwane 2015/07/18 12:41:27 PM
Khetha.. i honestly don't think that the junior nurses literaly fled... yes they might have been scared mainly out of fear of making mistakes but atleast a senior Dr was at hand to calm their nerves and performed the delivery. This is wgat makes this story good. Because to have a Dr in a rural setting and ti deliver with minor complications is really a miracle... Thats how its suppose to be , to have essential services in communities ... we are not yet there... but it is very encouraging to say ..
Jabulani Mjwara 2015/07/18 01:27:33 PM
Welldone Doc ur a true inspiration to our rural communities, may we see many more Doctors following on your footsteps.