SA nurse called a ‘black gorilla’ in UK

Kent - A South African-born woman says she has been tormented for years by a racist British woman who called her a “black gorilla” who should “go back to your own country”.

Pamela Bower, a black nurse who was born in South Africa, moved to Kent, UK, 16 years ago after seeing a job advertisement, the Times reported.

According to a report in KentOnline, Bower had been good friends with her neighbour, Kellie Wells, 42, who had often visited her to drink wine because she knew the nurse’s husband had a large supply in his cellar.

But soon after Bower’s husband died, she erected a fence between their houses and the abuse started.

Wells allegedly called Bower a “black gorilla” and told her to "take your welly boots and go back to your own country".

Then in July last year, Wells took a mixture of flour and water and threw it over the fence onto Bower and said “you’re now white British!”


According to the Times, Wells had also stolen items from Bower’s home and goods she’d ordered online were never delivered. She would later see Wells wearing the items.

Bower told the Times British police were reluctant to charge Wells and instead asked Bower where she was from.

Recorder Gordon Reed said in the Maidstone Crown Court that Wells’s behaviour was “appalling” and that she showed little remorse.

Wells has been sentenced to 33 weeks' imprisonment and received a restraining order for 10 years that keeps her from going near Bower.

1/3 of Britons admit to being racist - survey

In May, nearly a third of people in the 2013 British Social Attitudes Survey admitted to being racist on some level, a report in the UK’s Independent newspaper stated.

The levels of prejudice increased with age, with the highest among over-55s, and those with no qualifications, the survey found.

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Motofogo Mulilo 2014/08/22 12:24:22 PM
Looks like a friendship gone wrong.
Liam John 2014/08/22 12:24:25 PM
You mess with one South African, you mess with all South Africans. We Stand together.
Naas Du Plessis 2014/08/22 12:27:54 PM
I lived there for a 12 years and never encountered racism. Only towards Eastern Europeans. It's disgusting.
Menzi Mnandi Phewa 2014/08/22 12:28:48 PM
mad and horny Wells
Famida Nana 2014/08/22 12:29:15 PM
Maybe she is upset the husband didn't bequeath the alcohol to her
Mike Jones 2014/08/22 12:29:26 PM
Looks like British justice is working well, how well does justice work in SA these days?
Christina Setloboko 2014/08/22 12:32:57 PM
Eish humans, very sad.
Anthony Mokoo 2014/08/22 12:33:36 PM
I'm not surprised that it happened,the British are just that "British".people should be comfortable and confident in their own skins,I have a white afrikaans friend who was called a filthy stupid "AFRiCANA "in staffordshire 3 years ago,if they can say that to a fellow white person of European descent,imagine what they will not only say but do to a black african person in their own backyard.she should just comeback home and face the Anc corruption just like the rest of us.The United kingdom is not as glamourous as they would want us to believe.
Phil Galpin 2014/08/22 12:38:32 PM
The moral to this story is, don't live in Gillingham, Kent! The houses are cheap, and so are the people. Marx's 'lumpen proletariat' in their natural habitat.
konfab 2014/08/22 12:39:20 PM