SA quake claims first victim

Johannesburg - One person has been confirmed dead following an earth tremor on Tuesday, said emergency workers.

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"A 31-year-old man was found deceased in an old mining village in Orkney, in the North West," said ER24 spokesperson Luyanda Majija.

"He was found lying under some debris."

Emergency workers were at the mining village, searching for mineworkers presumed to be trapped in 11 shafts.

Majija could not immediately confirm the name of the mine.

The United States Geological Survey reportedly said it was a 5.3 magnitude earthquake, but the Council for Geosciences in South Africa said it had registered 5.5.

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Dumeza Nkala 2014/08/05 02:30:15 PM
Condolences to the family
Dumeza Nkala 2014/08/05 02:30:35 PM
Signs of the end! Repent all you out there, believe in the name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ! Mentioned in the Bible are wars, pestilences, earthquakes! Read John 3 v 16 now and pray for salvation, confessing your sins to him and accepting Him as savior and Lord. I'm not saying this is the end of the world, but these are signs of the end...don't say you were not warned! Jesus is Lord...!
Makgobe Khala Morwamotshe 2014/08/05 02:30:57 PM
Mathata a shishinyego ya Lefase
Carolyn Nosipho Mncube 2014/08/05 02:33:28 PM
mmmmTim 2014/08/05 02:36:18 PM
You think this is bad, wait until they start fracking.
Sitch Nkululeko N 2014/08/05 02:36:36 PM
Sincere condolences to everyone affected by this Tsunami..I mean tumour, nah man Earthquake...Ja that thing that makes the ground skit...!!
Dk Nancy 2014/08/05 02:37:08 PM
I was sleeping and my bed was shaking
Brett Glass 2014/08/05 02:41:01 PM
Not only hungry and poor but dying while trying to earn a living. Thanks to Capitalism and fake riches in metal and shiney stones. It will not be in vein, ine day we will level the playing fields. Sorry to the family
Fanele Lunga 2014/08/05 02:42:25 PM
And what is the South African Geological Survey saying.It seems its the US Geological Survey who are talking about the quake.
Ethan Mulla 2014/08/05 02:47:59 PM
Why is the US Geological Survey reporting about this quake and not our own Council for Geoscience?