SA remains 'world rape capital'

Johannesburg - Sexual offence statistics in South Africa were still too high, the National Freedom Party said on Friday.

"We note that while sex-related crimes... decreased by just more than one percent, these crimes still remain very high as compared to global figures and South Africa remains the rape capital of the world," NFP president Zanele KaMagwaza-Msibi said.

She welcomed an overall decrease in crime reflected in the latest statistics released by Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa on Thursday.

Msibi said sexual crimes were not always reported.

"We call on the government to provide safe shelters for the elderly and orphans, especially in rural areas, as these sections of our population are the most vulnerable to sexual crimes," she said.

Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (Popcru) spokesperson Theto Mahlakoana said the union was encouraged by the reduced figures but felt that murder figures were still too high.

The murder rate had dropped by just over three percent.

A total of 15 609 murders were recorded in 2011/2012, compared to 15 940 the previous year.

"We are also equally disturbed by the high rate of recorded sexual offences," Mahlakoana said in a statement.

The union said that the frequency of child rapes, in particular, were cause for alarm.

"This is monstrous and we appeal to all South Africans to reclaim a more dignified society that isn't riddled by such ills."

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irene.buthelezi.1 2012/09/21 08:08:45 PM
Despite it being absolutely shocking, one has to give credit where credit is due to the majority of the SA population! Well done guys, you've made SA look vile, yet again.
march54 2012/09/21 08:12:41 PM
Definitely not a title to be proud of. How many sex crimes go unreported due to the shame of the victim? Too many cases go unpunished and those that reach the courts not punished enough. Sexual assaults of minors and the elderly should get life sentences.
Mandy Casey 2012/09/21 09:03:11 PM
I am sure that our government and law enforcement agencies won't rest until we have improved to at least 2nd highest statistic in world. We don't want to be highest. Great country for women and girls to grow up.
yvonne.c.martin.71 2012/09/21 09:50:23 PM
I knew we were good for something..
Tolo 2012/09/21 09:55:00 PM
Wow south africa is world rape least we r leading in something the world well follow...we always follow in sports in economy in everything we cum last... But at least we leading in rape
Pink Panther 2012/09/21 10:00:35 PM
I am sure that tonight, through their lips they are now sipping Champagne on our behalf for the "great achievement". There are still over 16 000 murders every year in South Africa and Johannesburg is a world class city dont forget. Is the minister in the photograph extending his hand too us, hoping to be congratulate for the achievment?
whatda.fuqbro 2012/09/21 11:16:38 PM
What kind of rape stats do you expect when the country's president is a rapist?
Johan Wilsnach 2012/09/21 11:56:07 PM
Miniter MTHETHWA, may I remind you that no one on this planet ever succeeded in fighting, or waging wars against crime. Only ignorant people talk this way. Ask the Americans how successful they were on their war against drugs. They failed dismally. What needs to be done is to hone in on crime prevention. This is the only effective tool you have. Maintenance of law and order goes hand in hand, but then you should know this.
Erna Westdyk 2012/09/22 12:02:01 AM
All these feeble and politically correct responses from political parties is really discouraging. I expect outrage and plans to stop this violence amongst our people but what do we get? Polite rhetoric.
Juanne-pierre De Abreu 2012/09/22 02:49:38 AM
Straight men are disgusting.