SACP shocked at killing of Numsa members

Johannesburg - The SA Communist Party (SACP) on Friday condemned the killing of three Numsa members in Isithebe, KwaZulu-Natal.

"The SACP is shocked and gravely disturbed by the shooting that claimed the lives of three trade union leaders and caused serious injuries to the fourth who is fighting for his life in hospital," SACP general secretary Blade Nzimande said in a statement.

National Union of Metalworkers of SA Isithebe secretary Njabulo Ndebele, his deputy Sibonelo "John-John" Ntuli, and Ntobeko Maphumulo were killed on Wednesday night on the way back from a union meeting in Durban.

A fourth person who was with the three was wounded and is in hospital.

Police said the men were shot dead at Mabhengwane Road, Chappies section.

The motive of the killing was unknown.

Nzimande called on workers and trade unionists not to turn against each other or use violence in any form.

"We are extremely worried about a trend towards the use of intimidation, violence, and killings by criminal elements to manufacture the consent of workers and union leaders. This must come to an end with immediate effect."

He called on police to investigate the killings and ensure a successful prosecution.

Marc Ross 2014/08/08 02:57:18 PM
Live by violence and intimidation, then act "shocked" when the wheel turns. Its all about grabbing power and money that goes with it.
Bhekubaba Mawelela 2014/08/08 02:57:55 PM
this is not good...but we go carrying guns to this meetings. We are angry at each other. When we kill each other ,we killing not just that soul but compromising the entire family of the victim. Maluju combrades.
Hank Thetank 2014/08/08 03:02:10 PM
And in other news..blah blah blah
Rodney Bevan 2014/08/08 03:02:50 PM
Too funny, shock at the killing of three members, no shock at the daily killing of many more across the country, or the murders of farmers, the rape of 1000's of women every year. Besides, isn't your union behind the deaths of many people for breaking strikes? Crocodile tears and the chance of a story in the news is what this is really about.
proudlysa 2014/08/08 03:18:56 PM
Weird that racism is not blamed....that is all blade and his buddies can say
David van Tonder 2014/08/08 03:20:06 PM
I realise that this is of topic but can semeone please tell me what the SACP actually does(apart from providing ministers).
Shakes Maleka 2014/08/08 03:20:25 PM
now atleast u talk like a leader cde Blade.i hope it wl nt only on this shocking tradegy of our fellow leaders,bt also to lead the working class to the forefront during their campaigns against anti working class /neo liberal policies including youth wage subsidy,ndp n so on.and champion the implementation of the freedom charter as the general secretary of vangurd of the working class.amaadlaaa!
Solly Dube 2014/08/08 03:34:43 PM
How can blade be shocked? Blade mantashe and sdumo are busy forming another metalworkers union by dividing Numsa. Blade is sowing divisions among numsa members but now he is shocked. U will never destroy Numsa.
Marc Anthony Webb 2014/08/08 03:36:43 PM
Live by the sword and die by the sword...
Tshepo Ke Nna 2014/08/08 04:20:47 PM
Why is it that always you will hear Blade Nzimande commenting on some issues and you never hear Him saying something about The Current Medunsa shutdown