SPCA considers charging giraffe driver

Johannesburg - The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) is considering laying charges against the driver transporting a giraffe that died in Gauteng on Thursday.

"At this stage we are still investigating and considering charges in terms of the Animal Protection Act," Tshwane SPCA managing director Rick Allan said on Friday.

The NSPCA was looking into the manner in which the animal was transported.

"We believe the method in which the animal was transported was not correct. The death of the animal could have been avoided."

The giraffe died on Thursday after it hit its head while being transported, along with another giraffe, on a truck on the N1 in Centurion.

At the time, Allan said it died due to trauma to the head.

It was not clear what hit the giraffe's head.

"The head of the giraffe was above the vehicle."

Members of the public alerted the NSPCA about two giraffes being transported in a truck.

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Charissa Kemp 2014/08/01 11:13:49 AM
The driver should be held partly responsible yes, but he was just doing his job. The owners who took the decision to transport them in this manner should be held accountable.
Tracy Boggis 2014/08/01 11:15:31 AM
And whoever he works for !!! A fish stinks from the head as they say. Let's see what the NSPCA actually does
Antoinette Russouw 2014/08/01 11:16:03 AM
RIP 'tall' fellow ... You're able to run free now!
Janine Peters 2014/08/01 11:21:09 AM
it's like the scene of Hangover 3!!! so sad!
Langa Kapueja 2014/08/01 11:33:46 AM
Err... I told the giraffe to come aboard at it's own risk when it insisted to get on... It was in a hurry to catch a flight to Madagascar. You can even ask the penguins if you can find them >:-(
Bridget Steyn 2014/08/01 11:45:38 AM
Jack are you saying the same about the rhino's and elephants it should have been your head I agree with Beaulah
Elize Bekker 2014/08/01 11:46:13 AM
Charged the driver and the owner. And whoever organized it.
Eddie Botha 2014/08/01 11:46:39 AM
Jack Tig, you are an embarrassment to the human species. I can only think that your comment below was made because your social networking is zero and this is the only way in which you could make your obscene views known. If you do have friends, which I doubt, I feel sorry for them.
John Tansell 2014/08/01 11:48:00 AM
To Jack Tig ... read idiot I think they should put you on a bakkie and smack your head on a low lying bridge ..... you imbecile!!!
Teko Mohaeka 2014/08/01 11:52:42 AM
They must start with Thandi Modise or are we sweeping that dirt under the carpet Mokotedi Mpshe style?You are save if you are ANC