Seven appear for setting church alight

Johannesburg - The National Prosecuting Authority said the matter against seven people accused of setting alight a church was postponed in the Pongola Magistrate's Court in KwaZulu-Natal on Friday.

Spokesperson Natasha Ramkisson said: "The accused appeared today [Friday] and the matter was postponed to 29 September for a regional court decision."

The seven were arrested for setting alight a church, where some of the body parts of a boy were found in a plastic bag. A house was also torched.

A 23-year-old man was arrested in connection with the murder of the boy.

The chopped-up remains of four-year-old Kiki Ntuli were found in a plastic bag at a church on 6 June.

The pastor of the church was initially held for Ntuli's murder, but was later released without being charged.


The pastor was later found in the boot of a man's car and was taken to hospital.

Forensic specialists who probed the 51-year-old pastor's property found more bones on 11 July.

Police also discovered a skull and skeleton at a woman's house in Ncotshane.

A few days after the boy's corpse was found, angry Pongola residents went on the rampage and torched the pastor's church and the woman's house.

Fifteen people were initially arrested on charges of violence and were scheduled to appear in the Ncotshane Magistrate's Court.

However, the court was then petrol-bombed.

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Chad Lingard 2014/08/22 09:55:00 PM
Seems fair.
Saffa Max 2014/08/22 10:23:11 PM
Oh black Africa, black Africa, have you no sound mind?
Erna Westdyk 2014/08/22 10:38:30 PM
Just a normal day in South Africa!
Mziwokuthula Fumba 2014/08/22 11:52:29 PM
Pastor was LATER released WITHOUT being charged~ 15 residents were arrested and charged for violence!!!!! Very Similar 2 my last year case when I kick a burglar that break in flat while I was sleeping but the police open a case for him against me and arrest me,en he's was taken to hospital ! South african Law is in favour of criminal's.
Amanda Nkosana 2014/08/23 02:05:56 AM
Dear lord,how great thou art have mercy on these residents for taking a finger for an eye...innocent people were murdered in this house hiding behind your name
Nithaam Moses 2014/08/23 05:48:43 AM
nothing new.
Patrick Hughes 2014/08/23 10:45:21 AM
Incredible what these black folk get up to!!+