Shabangu can’t account for Marikana statement

Pretoria - Former mineral resources minister Susan Shabangu on Tuesday failed to account for a statement about the strike-related unrest at Lonmin's platinum mine in Marikana in August 2012.

According to the statement, issued by her spokeswoman on 15 August 2012, Shabangu was concerned about the unrest and planned to "engage with the minister of police".

However, Shabangu told the Farlam Commission of Inquiry in Pretoria that her spokeswoman was not at work that day as she had been off sick.

"I never said she should issue a statement," Shabangu said, adding that she had not even relayed information about her plans to contact then police minister Nathi Mthethwa.

She had only discussed this with now Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, who at the time had business interests in Lonmin.

"No one was there during the meeting with me and Mr Ramaphosa," Shabangu said.

"No one in the department knew what I was going to discuss with Ramaphosa."

Commission chairperson, retired judge Ian Farlam, tried to find out from Shabangu where the spokesperson got the information from but did not receive an answer.

The commission is investigating the deaths of 44 people during the strike-related unrest at Lonmin's platinum mining operations at Marikana, near Rustenburg in the North West, in August 2012.

Thirty-four people, mostly striking mineworkers, were shot dead in a clash with police on 16 August 2012. Over 70 were wounded and over 200 were arrested. Police were apparently trying to disperse them.

In the preceding week 10 people, including two policemen and two Lonmin security guards, were killed.

roosboom 2014/08/26 12:58:14 PM
Anyone surprised?
Andrew M 2014/08/26 01:17:25 PM
As per usual no ANC minister accepts responsibility and will continually deny any knowledge and/or involvement. As labour minister she also stated she had no knowledge of the newly founded AMCU which is surprising as this is the union who called the strike. Amazing she is still around in cabinet and for that matter in government.
Gratitude Ncube 2014/08/26 01:18:11 PM
how many fruitless enquiries have bin set by Zuma Zuma
Teko Mohaeka 2014/08/26 01:21:07 PM
So these stupie ANC cadres love to ignore questions.WHERE DID YOUR SPOKESPERSON GET THE INFO SHABANGU NDINI?
Abongile S. Ngozi 2014/08/26 01:24:50 PM
So obviously this spokesperson did not adhere to the set procedure. Surely she was dismissed
Nceba Mbane 2014/08/26 01:54:26 PM
So from the president to all its ministers, at the level of responsibilities no one knows anything, no one is responsible for anything. Its always I didnt know, I was not there, they didnt tell me, I dont remember, I didnt ask for it, or any of a plethora of excuses. But most incredibly on the opposite level, of rewards and remuneration, all of them without exception will never ever be found missing or to have missed out. Not one of them ever, ever forgets to grab the rewards of their position even at the very same moment that they dont remember the duties thereof. In fact while they all fail to account for the responsibilities of their positions they will find that they ever so quick to over reach their paws into the till.
Jaco de Clerck 2014/08/26 01:55:28 PM
Go and get an actaul education instead of handing in fake CV's and maybe things will go better and you will have an idea what to do. You are probably also one of JZ's wives no wonder you have not been fired. Corrupt thieving bastards
Kwaaitjie Kabouter 2014/08/26 02:25:57 PM
deepchund.ramchurren 2014/08/26 09:30:03 PM
A few vacancies exist in the cabinet, necessary qualification, ability to lie with a straight face.
CliveK 2014/08/26 10:29:05 PM
Did you see her squirm when asked why AMCU was not invited to 'stakeholder' meetings? The truth is that the NUM did not want them there, and Govt is spineless when it comes to dealing with Cosatu and its affiliates.