Slovo Park residents protests over power

Johannesburg - Metro police said on Friday that residents of the Slovo Park informal settlement near Lenasia, south of Johannesburg, protested after illegal electricity connections were cut off in the area.

They were demanding the re-connection of illegal electricity, said chief superintendent Wayne Minnaar.

"Residents are throwing stones at the vehicles on the N12."

He said traffic was diverted from the highway to the Golden Highway, Navana Drive and the Midway off-ramp.

"It is not safe for motorists to drive past the N12."

Kholo Warren Jesus 2014/08/22 08:27:02 PM
"protested after ILLEGAL connections were cut off" only in south Africa.
Lilian Looney 2014/08/22 08:31:40 PM
Guess what? It will be reconnected. Throwing stones and burning tyres always works. Sad but true.
John Greystoke 2014/08/22 08:32:20 PM
What would have happened if they were white?
Jack Thomas 2014/08/22 08:36:11 PM
You get what you vote for 62percent dumb nation
Lisch Manyashi 2014/08/22 08:48:46 PM
Demand,protest,destroy, that's the order of the day for these people.Only the taxpayer feels the pain, this country is in shambles,how sad!
Michel Konings 2014/08/22 09:02:07 PM
Create work for the people, so that they are able to pay for services
Johan Nothnagel 2014/08/22 09:03:47 PM
It needs to be done more regularly, if you use electricity you must pay !!!!!! We are tired of that parasites causing our loyal payers electricity bills goes higher
Bliss Ignorancis 2014/08/22 09:06:21 PM
If they get free electricity, so should we.
Charles Komane 2014/08/22 09:08:19 PM
Crazy residents, i red only headlines b4 i commented.
Jurgen Eksteen 2014/08/22 09:08:59 PM
How dare they!!! It is NOT for free. Their ancestors understood that it is wrong to take that which is not yours and yet they live by it as part of their culture. There is no hope.