Smoke kills Cape Town guard

Johannesburg - A security guard died from smoke inhalation at a house in Hout Bay, Cape Town on Thursday, said paramedics.

She and another female guard were on duty, guarding the house, ER24 spokesperson Werner Vermaak said in a statement.

"It appears as if they made a fire in the room to stay warm. They were overcome by smoke and carbon monoxide from the fire," said Vermaak.

The pair was found by another guard who was reporting for duty.

"He immediately called for help but unfortunately paramedics were unable to revive one of them," said Vermaak.

The surviving security guard responded to oxygen treatment and was transported to the Victoria Hospital, where she was receiving treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Ntlongwana KZ Ntlongwana 2014/08/14 02:02:43 PM
Leroy Reynolds 2014/08/14 02:05:36 PM
Shame man, these people pitch for work and its so cold they have to make a fire to stay warm. Where is their protective gear, why is there no heating provided whatsoever...This is their duty and they must be equipped to deal with harsh weather. I am not blaming anyone here, I just believe that tragic accidents like this can be avoided!
Anina Naude 2014/08/14 02:23:50 PM
Made fire in the room, like in a container? Where was a heater or something to keep them warm? This is so unnecessary!!
Zilindile Gagule 2014/08/14 02:36:00 PM
That,s a message to security companies to review their working conditions.Firstly you cann,t just post female officers alone as they are weak to stay awake for the night shift.The company must take responsibility of the deceased from burial cost to mantain those who depends to the late officer.
Saffa 2014/08/14 02:36:50 PM
Justice Shivambu 2014/08/14 02:41:47 PM
security guards ar treated like thandi modise pigs at work, even satawu they knw about this they even accept 0.80c salary increase this year and they knw that all unions ar fighting for better wages for workers, and u'll find out that the place they were guarding doesn't have electricity at all or owner of the place doesn't want them to use it. RIP
Naas Du Plessis 2014/08/14 02:44:18 PM
Eish. They seem to like making fires indoors with no flue. They do it in all the farm houses of the land they inherited.
Eddie Daniels 2014/08/14 02:57:32 PM
You make a fire in a room with no ventilation,you are looking for trouble-safety officers go for fire-fighting training,basic first aid,etc and this is all in the notes for the various condolences to the family,it's not good losing someone whichever way you look at it........
Jamill Ahmed 2014/08/14 04:04:35 PM
Not a good idea to make fires in rooms