Son watches as cop dad shot

Pretoria - A police sergeant was shot dead in front of his 10-year-old son in Hercules, Pretoria, Gauteng police said on Wednesday.

Captain Agnes Huma said two men attacked Sergeant Bruwer Smit and his son while they were out riding their mountain bikes in some veld near the Mabopane highway on Tuesday afternoon.

The attackers stole Smit's takkies and made off with both bicycles.

Smit died at the scene.

The boy escaped and ran to the highway where he flagged down a passing vehicle.

Brigadier Andre Wiese, Smit's commanding officer, told Beeld newspaper that Smit was one of the best police officers he had ever worked with.

Jay Man 2012/06/06 11:35:04 AM
A bright new day in sunny SA.
Neil Oosterlaak 2012/06/06 11:35:59 AM
A part of me dies when I read this.
Peter Dawson 2012/06/06 11:37:52 AM
Omnivore 2012/06/06 11:41:58 AM
DEATH PENALTY for these pieces of garbage.
Tricia Sutherland 2012/06/06 11:46:19 AM
killed for tekkies and bicycles? for South Africans this doesn't sound unusual - many stories like it. Young people hear the cr@p their parents speak at home, it instils hatred and no value for life - and then things like this happen. maybe i'm wrong - but these perpetrators are all too common among us. hectic story. a shame.
Amanda Felton 2012/06/06 11:54:36 AM
shame poor boy ! how must he feel that he had to see hes dad got shot and die. so what's gone happen now minister of justice and PRESIDENT ZUMA TJIE. They dont give a damn.poor police man .
Dominique Van Wyk 2012/06/06 11:54:46 AM
They shouldnt get the death penalty they should be handed over to His loved ones and "friends" whom He worked with for His community and they deal with them! A bunch of barbarians!!!! He was on a bb group that my husband was on to help with crime related issues and then this happens to Him. RIP Smittie
StilleWaters 2012/06/06 12:09:18 PM
Then i read the tripe about some stupid child complaining its all about race and people must get together and sing kumbayaa. BS. These "people" are animals and should be treated as such.
JJ_D 2012/06/06 12:44:10 PM
Sad thing to happen...condolences to the family and hope the boy receives the counseling/help he needs.
Mthobisi Ngema 2012/06/06 12:53:39 PM
thats so sad