Whites new endangered species?

Johannesburg - If a new study is anything to go by, South Africa’s white population may be extinct by the year 2161.

A new report by the South African Institute of Race Relations revealed that the country’s white population was declining by about 0.3% every five years.

The decline has been attributed by the institute to lowered fertility rates affecting the middle class across all population groups, as well to continued white emigration.

City Press extrapolated the figures and discovered that, if the current decline trends persisted, white South Africans would be extinct by the year 2161.

Figures contained in the institute’s yearly South Africa Survey showed that South Africa’s white and Indian population were declining, while the country’s coloured and black African population groups were growing.

The study predicted that by 2025, the black African population would have grown by about five million from the current level of 40 million.

Over the same period the white population would have declined by 350 000 to a level of just more than four million.

The Indian population would decline marginally, while the coloured population would grow by just under 600 000.

Frans Cronje, the deputy chief executive of the institute, said there was a “lot of controversy” around the figures, because South Africa’s population statistics may be off by as much as 10 million.

Cronje said the country’s white population was declining because of lowered fertility rates among women that was a “symptom of the middle class”.

It was also exacerbated by the emigration of young, white South Africans from the country.

He said that a strong argument could be made that the decline in the white population had already been much greater than estimated, with young white South Africans emigrating en masse from the country.

Cronje said South Africa’s black population continued to grow, but there was a big problem in the age group between 20 and 30, which had been worst affected by the HIV/Aids pandemic.

Cronje said the growth of the coloured population could be attributed to both natural growth – existing coloured communities having children – and a rise in inter-racial relationships.

He suggested that the rise of the coloured population might mean that in 10 or 15 years’ time, a South African court could be called on to rule on a person’s race in disputes over Black Economic Empowerment legislation.
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ntombiziyabusa.bhengu 2012-02-05 02:36:20 PM
Were black people, in South Africa, not supposed to be extinct because of HIV by 2020 or something?
En Gineer 2012-02-05 04:29:10 PM
Every young white couple I see always has 2 or 3 young children...so I'm not to sure about this. And also the "young white South Africans who emigrate en masse", tend to return after a number of years (well a fair percentage of them).
BLUESILVER2012 2012-02-05 04:35:28 PM
Who gives a damn.....so what if there are 5 whites left in SA or 5 blacks..or SA is run by Coloureds...who gives a DAMN...geeez these studies only do one thing, keep SA fractured...and the fact that it's INTERNAL makes it more pathetic....GET OVER THE COLOUR OF SOMES SKIN AND MOVE ON!!!
TAKURIAN 2012-02-05 04:41:05 PM
I thought species referred to animals and not humans. That headline is just meant to provoke.
Comrade Chris 2012-02-05 04:43:30 PM
Honestly now, who cares? Someone took a short-term trend, and extrapolated it far enough into the future that some seemingly interesting result was produced. Is this kind of dorkish, ham-fisted speculation about the future really newsworthy? This same flawed process can be used to show that by 2161 my baby nephew will account for a substantial portion of the planet's mass.
Karlheinz von Bentheim 2012-02-05 04:43:46 PM
stupid article based on some statistical study
Simon 2012-02-05 04:53:14 PM
Start the clock people only 149years to go! They didn't say what month though huh??
Pieter Uys 2012-02-05 04:55:09 PM
Kaalvoet oor die Drakensberg! You oke's are funny.
Shonny Gobrie 2012-02-05 05:05:58 PM
ya....an th world ws supposed to end last year!!!
SALife 2012-02-05 05:13:16 PM
Why are we so hung up about Whites, Blacks, Coloured and Indians ethnicities? Not that I don't hear or ignore the extrapolations of peoples very well meaning skin colour yielding processes. In this equation, where do the Chinese fit in? Are they not considered as Blacks in SA? Is this colour thing not the very essence of what we want to get away from? Are not all just South Africans? Are we out to prosecute and punish each other due to our skin colour and then subsequently labeling that individual? If there is anyone out there who can truly say that they had any influence in the design of their "colour", please share your secret with the world. Who cares what skin colour I am? As long as I can live within the acceptable and expected values of those people around me. Have respect for all. Contribute to my fellow-man. Educate my children and other chidren. Who cares what colour I am. Today Black is good, although I may be a bit yellow? What will be the favourite colour of the decade in the future? When will colour no longer matter and ability and integrity will become how people are judged without a colour prejudice?