Special ceremony to welcome Nakasa's remains

Johannesburg – The government has repatriated the remains of an anti-apartheid journalist who died in the United States in 1965 and was buried there until his recent exhumation.

Arts and culture ministry says the remains of Nat Nakasa are expected to arrive on Tuesday in Durban, where he will be reburied.

A special ceremony to welcome his remains will be held at King Shaka International Airport.

Nakasa worked for Drum magazine and other publications in Johannesburg half a century ago.

Nakasa left South Africa in 1964 for a fellowship at Harvard University.

The government at the time had not issued him with a passport, making it impossible for him to return home.

At the age of 28, he plunged from the seventh floor of a New York City building.

His death was ruled a suicide.

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Trevor Theron 2014/08/19 01:35:18 PM
A fitting return of ashes to a smoldering nation.
Mashai Joannes 2014/08/19 01:57:23 PM
Let's hope we don't hear about any acts of financial impropriety related to relocation of the remains from US to SA.I mean this cdes can spot an opportunity to milk more money out of state coffers as we hv witnessed with mandela funeral
Hemlock 2014/08/19 01:57:39 PM
There goes more of our hard earned taxes. Her is DEAD for goodness sake. Any reason for a feast and a p*ss up!
Janine du Plessis 2014/08/19 02:20:34 PM
More money spent on the dead than on the living. Can't the Cancer think of any REAL heroes?
Erna Westdyk 2014/08/19 02:31:55 PM
What about all the poor people who stayed in SA during apartheid and suffered more than anyone else. No-one doing anything for them!
Norman Makhado 2014/08/19 02:50:25 PM
nothng wrong with holding the ceremony... every human body shuld b respected...
Xolisa Skweyiya 2014/08/19 02:54:15 PM
We too need the remains of our brother killed in Angola 1987 by Savimbi forces. Please help if u can.
Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/19 03:29:47 PM
He will chat with the ancestors about the situation above the ground.
Johan Steyn265 2014/08/19 04:14:19 PM
Wtf??? He's dead he made a choice to jump out of a building why must our taxes goes to this moerse party this goverment is useless having a party for a coward that ran away to the usa if he was so anti apartheid he would have stayed and fight.
Sanele AkaNathinyc Molula 2014/08/19 05:07:47 PM
Had it not been for the Aparteid gov sulely that soul would still be amongst us!