Students told to leave after Medunsa closes

Johannesburg - Students at Medunsa in Ga-Rankuwa were ordered to vacate the premises on Wednesday following a decision to close the institution.

"[The] university’s Vice Chancellor Professor Mahlo Mokgalong, in consultation with the executive management committee, decided to close Medunsa and dissolve the campus SRC [Students Representative Council]," said spokesperson Kgalema Mohuba in a statement.

This meant the academic programme was suspended indefinitely.

He said the decision was informed by the stubborn behaviour of both the SRC and student community.

The university management would take full responsibility for SRC affairs.

"Therefore, the dissolved campus SRC would not have any legitimacy to represent the students."

Mohuba said the university had patiently accommodated the students in an attempt to find a resolution to their list of demands.

"Unfortunately, the SRC displayed to be negligent of the laws of the country. Hence they resorted to anarchy and blatant criminality including the act of arson."

In numerous meetings the SRC had showed no intentions of ending their strike.

Mohuba said students had been protesting for about two weeks and had submitted a list of demands to the university management.

"We responded to them a couple of times. As we respond their demands keep increasing."

On Thursday, there were reports that students had set a car and the main gate alight at the campus.

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Renegade 2014/08/06 05:27:16 PM
Good close it!! Everything for free EFF mentality.
Ignatious Aphane 2014/08/06 05:33:24 PM
Future medical practitioners on strike.. -___-
Kgopotso Memza Ramalepe 2014/08/06 05:38:49 PM
And then we are called the future of this country.
Nin Ja Kitty 2014/08/06 05:41:01 PM
They want education and this is how they behave. Well find somewhere else and eventually all the institutions will close and we will have nothing. Not too sure that the rest of the world would want our students either.
Bruwer 2014/08/06 05:44:08 PM
Is there something wrong with my pc , or why is there no comments section on this article Sasco: Black people’s patience diminishing
Confucius Ma Ling 2014/08/06 05:45:04 PM
It proves that the previous article was correct after all, showing that the students are liars as well on top of everything else. Feel sorry for the innocents though, and they kept on increasing demands as the Management tried to work with them on resolving this. Good on Management for not being dictated to by students, and taking an aggressive stance.
Fakazi Kagiso Makhanda Ndlovu 2014/08/06 05:45:48 PM
I applaud the university's management for taking a stand. Its about time this growing attitude of lawnesses is appropriately addressed.
Wimpy Van Der Westhuizen 2014/08/06 05:48:03 PM
don't paint your face black sasco and humans right will get you but burning the house down is o.k.
Mageba 2014/08/06 05:48:23 PM
Good decision. The time for this kind of protest is way past. The students are living in the past
Gavin Raymond Broncho 2014/08/06 05:59:31 PM
Demands. You demand nothing in this life. You work for it. Bunch of losers. Look at them now, no campus, no education, no job but I am happy?