Teacher calls black people demons - report

Johannesburg - The Gauteng education department is investigating allegations that a teacher at the National School of Arts in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, called black people "demons".

"We have initiated an independent investigation," spokesperson Phumla Sekhonyane told Sapa on Tuesday.

She did not provide further information.

The Star reported that a Grade 8 history teacher allegedly told her class last Thursday that the reason government was failing was because it was led by black people.

A 13-year-old girl sent an SMS to her mother saying the teacher was out of hand after telling the class black people were stupid for voting for the African National Congress and that in the Western Cape people were "more than happy" with the Democratic Alliance, "thanks to white people", according to the newspaper.

According to the report, more parents were expected to complain.

The school said its governing body would make a statement in due course.
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RabbleRouser 2014/06/03 08:59:53 AM
Storm in a teacup stuff.
John Loveland 2014/06/03 09:00:11 AM
"..... more parents were expected to complain." What an absurd statement. If they haven't complained how do know they intend to?? Or is it a case of they hope more will, or we encourage more to...??
Jack "King" Tig 2014/06/03 09:02:41 AM
So much hatred in this country!!!
jerome.fakoe 2014/06/03 09:03:04 AM
Sounds fishy
G man 2014/06/03 09:03:35 AM
If this is true, fire her racist a$$. In this day and age, honestly. Racism is the dumbest thing ever to walk the earth. Meanwhile I see the eff racial hatred machine is slowly dying off
Paige Turner 2014/06/03 09:04:36 AM
What do the other kids in the class say? The reporter should have taken time to interview more people for this article. Isn't that what reporters are supposed to do? Get more opinion before reporting only one side of the situation.
Koos Bekker 2014/06/03 09:04:59 AM
. But, the same is allowed to be said, one hundred times a day, on this site !! .
Brian Marumo 2014/06/03 09:05:57 AM
I am black and not a supporter of the ANC but this is very offensive and it is people like this that continue to divide this rainbow nation. We Don't Need this! TOGETHER WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL!
deKatLeo 2014/06/03 09:06:17 AM
Brace your selves for the racist comments.
Malcolm86 2014/06/03 09:06:37 AM
Unacceptable behaviour! The teacher should be fired and never allowed to teach again!