Toilet, crying girl create need for speed

Johannesburg - A man desperate to get to a toilet and another with a crying 10-year-old girl in his car were arrested for speeding on the East Rand on Sunday, Ekurhuleni metro police said.

"For travelling at that breakneck speed, the M3 driver advanced the reason that he was rushing was to attend to the 'call of nature'," Chief Superintendent Wilfred Kgasago said in a statement.

The 21-year-old was caught going 202km/h in a 120km/h zone in his BMW M3 on the R59 near Alberton.

Police chased him from the highway until the Vaal area after he ignored instructions to stop.

"Ekurhuleni bike squad had to hit speeds of between 280 and 290km/h to apprehend the speedster," said Kgasago.

A VW Polo driver who said his 10-year-old daughter's crying prompted him to "press hard on the pedal" was arrested for zipping along at 175km/h on the same road.

Two other drivers, who registered speeds of between 198km/h and 182km/h, said they were going to a family meeting and late for an appointment, for speeding, said Kgasago.

The 21-year-old BMW driver was denied bail and would appear in the Palm Ridge Magistrate's Court on Monday.

The other three were charged with reckless or negligent driving and released on bail of between R500 and R1 000.

Nasty surprise

Johannesburg metro police also made a speeding arrest when a man driving 192km/h on the N1 north in Midrand, was pulled over on Saturday night.

And there's bad news for another 133 motorists, said Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar.

"The JMPD Sandton high speed unit photographed 133 [other] motorists with their speed camera for speeding on the N1 north in Midrand last night, which is a 120km/h zone."

These motorists would receive their notices in the post, Minnaar said.

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Marco Cronje 2014/08/24 10:06:44 PM
This is one of the most messed up headlines I have seen on news24
Viman Singh 2014/08/24 10:33:06 PM
This headline is a total mess for crying sake
NoeNoe 2014/08/24 10:46:31 PM
VERY expensive way to "spend a penny".
Shepherd Mulisa 2014/08/24 10:46:51 PM
21 year old with a 10 year old daughter? it possible biologically but something is fishy. if. she was crying maybe he hijacked the car
Tebogo Ntjaagae 2014/08/24 11:05:11 PM
Jamill Ahmed 2014/08/24 11:17:31 PM
Thisisthemostconfusingheadlineandstoryever....police bike had to reach 290km/h to catch a guy doing 175? /202?
Jamill Ahmed 2014/08/24 11:19:17 PM
Do one need a grade R CERTIFICATE TO LAND A TOP JOB HERE? ???
Jeffrey Solomon 2014/08/24 11:59:54 PM
Fine the cops for speeding on their bikes! #paybackthemoney!
Robert Clive Warriner 2014/08/25 12:11:04 AM
Clearly the cops were having FUN too....
John Edward Bunting 2014/08/25 12:36:24 AM
Speedsters (and they should be well punished) are denied bail and yet rhino horn poachers gets bail. WTF.