Train driver stabbed to death

Johannesburg - A train driver was stabbed to death outside Hercules station in Pretoria, Metrorail said on Wednesday.

Spokesperson Lillian Mofokeng said the driver identified as JP Du Plessis was found dead on Tuesday, with several stab wounds in a static train.

"The cause of this incident is not yet clear and will be fully investigated with immediate effect," said spokesperson Lillian Mofokeng. Metrorail Gauteng provincial manager Tembela Kulu said train services would be suspended in Gauteng on New Year's Day in honour of Du Plessis.

She said as a preventative measure, all trains would operate until 18:00 in Gauteng for the festive season until 4 January.
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Kamohelo Technokamza Olifant 2012/12/26 07:19:01 PM
This country is rotten. Condolences to the man's family
Mlulami Mludja Dike 2012/12/26 07:29:10 PM
@Boere.fool,This has got nothing to do with a Boeres,Xhosas,Zulu etc,my friend....There4,stop making racist comments here man bcz I can see that you still belong to that old apartheid government of National party.What if he's been stabbed by another boere...By the way,I would also like to take this opportunity and send my condolences to JP Du plessis's family and friends...may your soul rest in peace,brother!!
Choene Phadishi J Seanego 2012/12/26 07:34:57 PM
Sorry fr de Dupplesis family fr wat hppnd to deir loved one.
Successful Nhlamulo Mabilane 2012/12/26 07:39:36 PM
eish this so sad my deepest condolence people like“Boere Fool” are ............fill in the missing words
Sbuda Faya Thefirestarta 2012/12/26 07:58:52 PM
my point exactly, no one knows y he was stabbed it doesnt even say on the article. so y would some fool want to go and cut throats actually who's throat do u want to cut? your racist comments only show the lack of intelligence that you have. your comments are neither amusing nor hold any substance. you better wake up baba yu just one of the sad minority of people trying to push some useless propaganda about race we are not interested in. this goes out to both black and white racist you are satanic, dont know a good thing and you should all go hang. normal south africans are tired of your b.s
Truth.nnete 2012/12/26 08:09:42 PM
Prasa need to find a way of protecting their employees,this is a 2nd incident this year after a black woman employee was also stabbed to death.To those who are making this a racist matter,find facts and get a life guys.Condolences to the Du Plessis may God give them strength.
JudithNkwe 2012/12/26 08:11:47 PM
This is beyond tragic and will make travelling difficult for people. Metro Rail you need to look after both your drivers and your passengers
Ian Robert Reid 2012/12/26 08:17:59 PM
No value 4 life! We live amongst aliens? think about it?
Dagga Magazine 2012/12/26 08:19:31 PM
Condolences to the mans family
Rudzani Mulaudzi 2012/12/26 08:23:27 PM
Massive business like prasa, I thought train drivers they travel with security guards. Besides each an every station must have a security its a must. which means somebody spend the money for protection in Hercules station.