Tuks: Students' behaviour unacceptable

Johannesburg - The behaviour of two University of Pretoria students who dressed up as black domestic workers was “completely unacceptable”, the institution said on Wednesday.

This comes after a photo of the two at a private party went viral, causing an online outrage.

The university has launched an investigation into the incident.

"The university... will not tolerate any form of discrimination and/or racist behaviour by any of its staff or students. The behaviour by the students in the photographs is completely unacceptable," said university spokesperson Nicolize Mulder.

Mulder said even though the picture was taken at a private 21st birthday party, because they were students at the institution, action would be taken.

"Because the students are registered UP students who by their actions brought the name of the university into disrepute, disciplinary steps against the students have been taken," she said.

The SA Human Rights Commission said it was not investigating the case as it did not receive a complaint.

"We didn't receive a complaint in this matter. We just learnt about it in the media," said spokesperson Isaac Mangena.

Scott Blane 2014/08/06 12:19:31 PM
I went to A Bob Marley "party" the other day...all of us (50 people) with paint/polish and dreads to top it off, so we are all racist? This is crazy!!
Valerie Widmann 2014/08/06 12:19:38 PM
Since when did South Africans lose their sense of humour? I always thought the one thing that set us apart from other countries, is that we could laugh at each other, with each other.
Jo Potgieter 2014/08/06 12:20:27 PM
Oh come on, this is ridiculous. It's a costumer party. If you are honestly offended by this then I actually don't know what to say.
Andrew M 2014/08/06 12:20:57 PM
Is this a case of Stuffed shirts who complained when students were having fun at a private party. A mole hill noe blown up to be a huge mountain. Are we becoming a nation who cannot enjoy a party and dress up to be a Black. Do not believe this do be a demeaning action.
Peter Mutulu Madikoto II 2014/08/06 12:22:16 PM
lets hear their side of the story before we jump to any conclusions
Stephen James 2014/08/06 12:23:09 PM
Do we have to start banning Leon Schuster movies as well?
Daan Smit 2014/08/06 12:23:11 PM
Biggest lot of BS. Now it is a racist thing? They were having fun. So, if a black woman wears a blond wig, why do us whiteys not shout "RACIST" from now on?
Stephen James 2014/08/06 12:24:04 PM
Do we have to start banning Leon Schuster movies as well
Mark Aldridge 2014/08/06 12:24:51 PM
Anyone who think this is racism has a inferiority complex
Chase Cameron 2014/08/06 12:24:58 PM
They were having a laugh... people need to lighten up.