Twins, 7, help convict man for rape

Johannesburg - Twin sisters aged 7 have helped to convict a man who raped their 3-year-old sister, The Star reported on Thursday.

The man, Mathys van Zyl from Krugersdorp, was found guilty by the South Gauteng High Court sitting in Palm Ridge on Wednesday of raping their younger sibling by penetrating her vagina with his fingers, according to the report.

The toddler bled for a week after the incident.

The twins, who witnessed the rape, were called to testify.

Judge George Maluleke praised their evidence and said the twins had been crucial to the case."

"In my view, the children remained consistent in their testimony and reasonably stood up well to cross examination," Maluleke was quoted as saying.

Prosecutor Deon van Wyk said the man had been found guilty of sexual assault of an 11-year-old girl in 2009. For that crime he received a five-year suspended sentence.

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Vaughan Johnson 2014/08/28 08:40:42 AM
So so sick.
Beaulah Fortuin 2014/08/28 08:42:16 AM
Send the Judge to jail
Ricky Correia 2014/08/28 08:42:17 AM
Disgusting. This parasite gets a 5 year suspended sentence for sexual assault in 2009 ??!! Now he does it again and I wonder what he got ? A pat on the back ? Euthanize the thing before it does further harm to innocent children.
KevinKing 2014/08/28 08:50:34 AM
Rape Capital of the World
Sitch Nkululeko N 2014/08/28 08:53:44 AM
The Headline of this story is very misleading!!!! So Media 24 are running short of proof readers i guess!!
Miles Lancmore 2014/08/28 08:55:52 AM
A vulture of a rapist who must be eliminated from society. ##bringbackdeathpenalty
Fergus Reid 2014/08/28 08:56:52 AM
Suspended sentence that allowed him to do it again. He should have been convicted and the three year old would never have been raped. Unfortunately, more failure of the courts to protect citizens.
Dan Danukdhari 2014/08/28 09:04:03 AM
What a sentence.....lost for words
MeThinks 2014/08/28 09:07:59 AM
Suspended sentence??
Elizabeth Lee 2014/08/28 09:08:08 AM
Suspended sentence for sexual assault of a minor? What is South Africa coming to?