University: 'Blackface' disciplinary still ongoing

Johannesburg - An investigation into the conduct of two students who were photographed in domestic worker outfits and smeared with black paint is still ongoing, the University of Pretoria said on Tuesday.

"The disciplinary and investigation are still underway [sic]," spokesperson Nicolize Mulder said.

"It has not been finalised."

The students have been temporarily suspended from their residences.

The picture distributed on social media shows the pair of female students in domestic worker outfits with black paint smeared on their faces and arms. They posed with headscarves and padded bottoms. It was published in various newspapers last month.

The students' action was considered racist by many people commenting on social networks with the hashtag #blackface.

At the time Mulder said the picture was taken at a private 21st birthday party but because they were students at the institution, an investigation was launched.

The African National Congress parliamentary caucus on Tuesday said it was interested in the outcome of the matter.

"As the ANC we find this kind of behaviour by the students unacceptable and shows their insensitivity to black suffering," the caucus said in a statement.

"The punishment by the university in suspending them from the residence but allowing them to attend classes is considered very lenient."

However, the party found solace in the fact that the SA Human Rights Commission was conducting its own investigation.

"While the commission has still not received a complaint in this regard, the commission decided to launch an own initiative investigation," spokesperson Isaac Mangena told Sapa at the time.

He said the commission was interested in measures the university would implement to address the matter and its significance to other students.

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Cayley Fine 2014/09/02 06:20:13 PM
This rubbish! You're ruining innocent people's futures!
Cayley Fine 2014/09/02 06:20:30 PM
This *is
Nkanyiso Mdlalose 2014/09/02 06:23:16 PM
No room for racism!
Searcher SA 2014/09/02 06:24:10 PM
Yes, investigate two young white girls for dressing up, while other campuses are burned and trashed by rioting black students. What a screwed up country this has become.
André Kachelhoffer 2014/09/02 06:24:32 PM
Maybe that is why the students and lectors is jumping at that university!! They are to concerned by rasism as to study and become educated.
Charles Roberts 2014/09/02 06:25:57 PM
This just shows a huge chip on the shoulder. What about black kids and comedians who dress up as whites? Hypocrisy rules.
Bob Van Wilder 2014/09/02 06:29:28 PM
i feel sorry for these two presently disadvantaged people
Michiel Oberholzer 2014/09/02 06:30:41 PM They are making an issue about lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol.. let me get this straight, if I for example are invited to a fancy dress evening and God forbid me I dress up like a rasta or a maid then I am in big Too many parties, roo much booze has pickled the brains or maybe someone is smoking too much weed. Lol I have now seen and read it all....I am surprised that Leon Schusters movies haven't been banned yet!! Lol lol lol lol....small things amuse a small lol lol
Sthembiso Jali 2014/09/02 06:30:56 PM
Some other things just confuses me, people pay money to watch Leon chuster with a black painted face in cinemas but this time around they scream racism. In Durban black street kids paint their faces white and beg for handouts in the street corners and robbots. Is that all racism ? Lolz you have got love south Africa .
Tshililo Siobo 2014/09/02 06:39:44 PM
Will they ever be disciplined really? I don't see it coming, not from TUKS.