University transformation under spotlight

Cape Town - A series of national hearings on transformation at the country's universities are set to start on Thursday, the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) said on Wednesday.

The decision followed "racial incidences" at various universities, suggesting a need to re-examine transformation issues, the commission said in a statement.

It referred to the recent assault of a black student at the University of the Free State, allegedly by two white students, and the humiliation of cleaners in a mock initiation ceremony at the institution by the "Reitz four" in 2008.

The commission had also been asked to probe a complaint about the drowning of first-year student Thabang Mokhoang in a campus swimming pool during an "orientation programme" at the North West University in January 2012.

"The SAHRC notes that a subsequent investigation into the incident concluded that Mr Mokhoang's death was an accident and that all proper precautions were in place to ensure that the events forming part of the orientation programme occurred safely," the commission said.

The commission had, however, been asked by the higher education department to determine what role discrimination on the basis of race and language played in Mokhoang's death.

This week's hearings would include submissions by the higher education and training department, the vice chancellor, and student representatives.


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Eben Burger 2014/07/30 08:27:30 PM
The Black Virus is surely effective in SA!
Douglas Ross 2014/07/30 08:28:49 PM
Mokhoang willingly went to a Afrikaans university, so if him speaking another language caused his drowning thats no fault of the university being Afrikaans. The youth fought for the right to be educated in their mother language, so leave afrikaans universities for the same reason.
Edifis 2014/07/30 08:59:29 PM
Yes, please lets' transform them back to the stone just like schools were. That works really well, especially for maths.
Mark Stoltz 2014/07/30 09:09:53 PM
it is coming pretty soon, that you cant fail at the university, just like the primary schools....
Francois Vorster 2014/07/30 10:04:17 PM
Transformation at Universities – Transforming universities into tribal colleges.
George Gervais 2014/07/31 04:16:57 AM
Universities are places of learning. If you come there with a political agenda, be prepared to be met with contempt. It's time the students attending university realize it is a privilege not a right. Stop abusing the system and start contribute positively towards it. You're there to learn, so learn. Rather put discipline and the kicking out of disruptive pupils in the spotlight. Give us a demographic of who the trouble-makers are, I think it will come as no surprise.