Wife 'would rather kill than divorce'

Bloemfontein - A Free State farmer’s wife allegedly told her co-accused that she would rather kill her husband than divorce him and lose her house.

Volksblad reported that Mandla Richmond, 36, made this statement to police after his arrest for murder.

He is appearing in court along with Marie van Wyngaard, 57. Both are on trial for the murder of farmer Chris van Wyngaard, 43 in October 2010.

The defence, however, claims the couple had been on a "second honeymoon” in Cape Town shortly before the murder and had even been “intimate” on the night of the murder.

Richmond was working as a security guard on the Van Wyngaard’s farm Goedehoop in Warden at the time of the murder.

He said a few days beforehand, he had found the wife crying in the farmhouse.  This came after the farmer apparently told a car salesman that he and his wife were divorced.

Richmond says the farmer’s wife then told him she would rather kill her husband than lose her house.

A police officer who knew the couple testified that the marriage was “shaky”.

Warrant officer Lourens Smit said some time before the murder he had accompanied the wife to the farm when she wanted to pack her bags as her husband was aggressive.

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Elizabeth Sediro 2013/05/15 09:41:59 AM
dont let him drive you to evil, just leave him, god will answer your payers, you will be happy again
G.I Jane 2013/05/15 09:44:01 AM
Freedom gone +house.Send her to jail
Richard 2013/05/15 10:11:58 AM
Well now she may keep the house but will not be living there.
Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg 2013/05/15 10:38:07 AM
Must have been some house. Endless stupidity.
Riotous Ramohlale 2013/05/15 10:51:24 AM
What a good idea. I would rather drink beer than go home. Something of that sort. I am not good with analogy.
Kabelo KayCapital-beEzy Monageng 2013/05/15 06:25:50 PM
Typical woman.R-kelly says When a woman loves,she loves 4 real..lol well,we keep learning that she doesn't love the man but his assets
Nonceba Muller 2013/05/15 08:22:33 PM
Now she can keep a huge house wif a huge family, jail...
karen.landmantaylor 2013/05/24 02:03:43 PM
YOur husband's life...A house...and in the end NOTHING!
karen.landmantaylor 2013/05/24 02:09:41 PM
@Klippies and coke- Yes I have been in an abusive relationship and NO I never thought of killing him, inspite of the fact that I lost everything, except my courage. That would have made me his equal and that aint ever gonna happen!
sonstrale 2013/06/13 11:14:54 PM
I feel sorry for the deceased relatives.You had no right to take his life.Many of us no the pain of abuse the best thing o do is to get away from the situation.You went from bad to worse.