Woman gives birth on Randburg road

Johannesburg - A 25-year-old woman is recovering in hospital after giving birth to a baby girl on the side of the road in Randburg after allegedly being turned away from a clinic on Thursday.

Business director Ryan Frey told News24 he was driving from his office at about 09:30 on Thursday when he saw the woman, named Phindile, on the pavement on her knees.

“When I stopped to inspect what was going on, to my shock the woman was in labour,” said Frey.

Phindile, who works in a kitchen in Randburg, claimed that clinic employees told her that they do not deal with births and told her to go to a hospital.

The woman gave birth to a baby girl who was one month premature.

“The little girl was covered in dirt and grass, she was not crying but was breathing and her little fingers were moving,” Frey said.

Frey said he contacted one of his employees who brought a first-aid kit.

Others who had also seen what was happening stopped to help. Some gave the woman blankets while another man drove to a nearby hospital and fetched two nurses to assist.

The nurses cut the umbilical cord and removed the placenta. They then drove the woman to Olivedale clinic. The little girl is said to have slightly low blood sugar levels but doctors expect her to reach full health.

Both mother and child have been transferred to Raheema Moosa Hospital.

A nurse at Windsor clinic told News24 Phindile must have been lying about being turned away because “chasing patients away is against the rules”.

However, another nurse said they don’t take patients because they don’t have the facilities for it and tell women about to give birth that they must go to the hospital instead. According to the City of Johannesburg website, the clinic specialises in reproductive and child health.

Clinic officials told News24 on Thursday they would get clarity on what exactly happened but no information has yet been received.

Frey is looking after the woman and child’s medical expenses and said he would also like to gather some items for the baby.

If News24 users would like to make donations for Phindile and her baby, named Chantal, they can contact Frey’s business, TT3 Repairs at 011 792 5293.

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MaropengMokgola 2014/08/29 02:40:42 PM
why am i not surprised about the incompetence of the so called sisters/ nurses in clinics, this people are horrible and treats people/ patients like dirt.
Andrew Worrall 2014/08/29 02:46:02 PM
And they day there is racial tension in our country?
Wayne Lombard 2014/08/29 02:46:13 PM
And I bet most here would comment about something negative instead of seeing the miracle and how much we can achieve by helping each other... Red black yellow white or pink... Good Godsake .... Rainbow nation... Thanks Mr Fred for just a little hope that you restored.
Sanchez Sancho 2014/08/29 02:47:29 PM
They wanted to turn away my 2 year old daughter who was having a severe allergic reaction @ 2am because "we are a referral hospital, we only deal with people who are referred here from other hospitals".. I caused a scene until they took her in - King Edward!!!!
Leigh-Rose Jenkins 2014/08/29 02:51:40 PM
The government health institutes in the Gauteng province are beyond dismal! Getting sick in this province without the luxury of medical aid is literally a death sentence. Whether a clinic has the facilities or not, a nurse, doctor and even the lowest of lowest paramedic qualifications are taught how to deliver babies. So what, you don't have an incubator?! I've watched a baby born at 20 weeks survive 24 hours without an incubator, surfactant, and specialist neonatal care! Under the care of a sister who had no additional neonatal training. The excuses these people come up with are infuriating! I've never had the proper "facilities" to deliver a baby in the back of my ambulance, yet I have successfully delivered MANY! However, it is high time the population of this country wake the F up and start learning a little more about their RIGHTS! The sooner that happens, the harder it becomes for these things to happen!
Sly Rams 2014/08/29 02:53:07 PM
To Zuma and his Parpets: This is a good story to tell, not your crap... To Frey, Thanks Man, there is only few like you in this country.
Tracy Muller 2014/08/29 02:54:02 PM
What a beautiful story - SA has awesome people
Trish Hodgson 2014/08/29 02:54:03 PM
There are good people in this world, you just have to keep on believing. Well done Frey - we need more people like you
Lee-Anne Nell 2014/08/29 02:56:11 PM
Such a wonderful thing to help this woman in need. i hope she and the baby recover from the incident soon!!
Emmanuel Katywa 2014/08/29 02:57:52 PM
Ryan Frey I applaud you. We can still believe in humanity because there people like you still out there. May God bless you