Woman weeps as she recalls rape attack

Pretoria - A woman on Tuesday identified a Zimbabwean man as the robber who had raped and assaulted her in her home in Rayton in the east of Pretoria three years ago.

The trial of Zimbabwean cousins Progress Shoko, 28, and Howard Sekani, 31, in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria had to adjourn early when the woman, 37, became upset and started crying.

Shoko and Sekani pleaded not guilty to a charge of robbery with aggravating circumstances, three of rape and three of assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm.

The State alleges the two were part of a gang which forced their way into the Rayton family's home on the evening of 12 March 2011, raped and assaulted a woman and her two daughters, then aged 15 and 17, and robbed them of goods worth R62 860.

The loot included three cellphones, two laptops, other electronic goods, jewellery and one girl's school shoes and bag.

Shoko claimed in a statement he had only been in South Africa for 21 days when he was arrested, had been at home the whole evening and knew nothing about the robbery and rapes.

Sekani did not make any statement in explanation of his plea.

The woman testified she had arrived home with her two daughters and three young family members at 21:00, and was about to go inside when she saw five men jumping over the wall.

She screamed for the children to hide and wanted to run inside, but one of the men grabbed her by the hair and forced her inside, where she saw the children being tied up.

She was forced to watch while Sekani, with a firearm in his hand, wrestled with her 17-year-old daughter.

Identified by scar

She identified Sekani from a feint scar on his lip but did not want him anywhere near her to point out the scar to the court.

She testified that she and the children were all tied up, forced to sit in the corridor and had a duvet thrown over them while the men searched the house.

She said Shoko and Sekani later returned and asked where the money and the safe were. They became angry when the woman told them there was no safe and started punching and kicking their victims.

When her eldest daughter again told Sekani there was no safe, he punched the girl on the nose so hard than blood ran down her face.

Shoko then took the mother to her bedroom while the other children were put in different rooms, with Sekani staying with her two daughters.

Inside the bedroom Shoko, who was armed with a knife, tied her up with electric cables, pushed her onto the bed and raped her.

"He said sex was nicer with a white woman and I was a rich white bitch... The sexual assault went on for about 10 minutes," she said.

The trial continues.

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Ruan Smith 2014/08/12 08:07:16 PM
Kill them.
Abrie Greeff 2014/08/12 08:10:20 PM
Let them hang by their necks.
MeThinks 2014/08/12 08:23:22 PM
How could anyone inflict then utter such words to a powerless victim!! I hope he gets exactly what he deserves!!!
Bev Du Preez 2014/08/12 08:32:42 PM
Devil is there father father of hate kill and destruction.Feed them to the lions.
On The Edge 2014/08/12 08:57:48 PM
I only want to know one statistic as I believe it is time to address the UN for crimes against white minority, just like when Miriam Makeba testified in NY on the 16th of June 1963... and I quote "... would you be silent and do nothing if you were in our place? Would you not resist if you were allowed no rights in your own country because the colour of your skin is different to that of the rulers?" Now close your racist mind and imagine the exact same words coming from the mouths of whites...? Scary ain't it... Suddenly it's okay to treat whites in this despicable manner yet it was unacceptable when it affected Black Africans... Well one thing you must take from this is that like you (just more determined), we whites will not and 'are'not doing nothing and the day will came when we ask the UN (World) to stop turning a blind eye or be responsible for what will be done to even the playing fields, so to speak... Like being in a little boat, not having a clue what lurks beneath the surface...
Solomon Repeant 2014/08/12 09:07:26 PM
They dont do it to zim as they can be beaten ,castrated and killied these are people that come here and increase crime in our country and yet they say crime is high in muzanzi...bring back hangpal...
On The Edge 2014/08/12 09:10:21 PM
Oh, I forgot to ask about that one statistic and that is, what total of whites murdering/raping/stealing from blacks vs blacks murdering/raping/stealing from white Africans since 1994!? Something tells me that there is a serious problem here and no one wants to admit it...
Lindokuhle Mhlongo 2014/08/12 09:32:53 PM
i wish we still had capital punishment. all rapists deserve to die.
Rowan Louw 2014/08/12 09:37:45 PM
Death Penalty Vote # 1
Paul Dennis Murison 2014/08/12 09:48:28 PM
We should start handing them over to their own people to dish out some kangaroo court ! I'm sure they will also be disgusted with these animals.