Women belong in house

Johannesburg - More than 20% of South African women still believe "their place is in the house", according to an Ipsos survey released on Friday.

But overall, 58% of South Africans believe there has been a great improvement in women's rights in the past 20 years.

This is according to the Pulse of the People survey conducted by Ipsos in March and April this year, through face-to-face interviews with 3 730 adults from all walks of life.

"About a fifth of women [21%] still believe that boys have more rights to education than girls and 23% believe that when jobs are scarce, men have more rights to jobs than women," Ipsos director Mari Harris said in a statement.

"There is also a significant proportion - 34% of both men and women - that believes women should be kept in their place! Over a fifth of women [22%] believe that their place is in the house - with 27% of men agreeing with this sentiment."

About a third of women say their lives have improved while 16% believe their lives have deteriorated.

More than half of women believe their children have a bright future.

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Maureen Murtaugh 2014/08/09 02:33:00 PM
Yes, as they say over here in the States, women belong in the House...and in the Senate.
Ndumiso Mavuso 2014/08/09 02:47:20 PM
They do belong in the house. Who doesn't know that?
Mobeena Hoosen 2014/08/09 02:53:10 PM
Only fools think as such.
David Allcock 2014/08/09 03:03:24 PM
and further more ...they should be naked pregnant silent and in the kitchen of that house washing the dishes and should only emerge out of said kitchen when i the king summons them to bring me another beer ....or to pleasure me in some other way of my choice.....ok ladies chill im kidding i dont really subscribe to my own satire.
joe.masilela1 2014/08/09 03:10:31 PM
I agree with that. We have to support them & love then unconditionally & not taking advantage just because they depend on us.
Patrick Hughes 2014/08/09 03:22:08 PM
Amen Women should be wives mothers and carers not executives or political leaders!
Michael Ndalama Mwale 2014/08/09 03:26:24 PM
Of course, women think differently but the one's who believe their place is in the house are completely out of touch with reality and end up so dependent on men that their lives lack self-esteem. Most of them die in abject poverty and misery. The clever woman is the one who aims to be independent and enters into marriage on her own terms. This is what I wish for my girls.
Johan Steyn265 2014/08/09 04:17:40 PM
I will say this will differ from household to household and from women to women me and my wife both were working and she decided to quit and became a housewife she loves making sure the kids are taking care of and that the house is tip top it has been like this for ages why fix something that's not broken?
Audrey Boniwell 2014/08/09 04:21:15 PM
Woman can be wherever the hell they want to be. How about men be men and not little pansy asses who dress like woman and use more face products then woman do. What happened to the "Marboro man"? Instead we dealing with emotional and feminine men. Man up and maybe we might reconsider and be homebodies.
Lindokuhle Mhlongo 2014/08/09 04:31:31 PM
...and play house muzik.