Yengeni drunk driving case resumes

Cape Town - The drunken driving case against African National Congress national executive committee member Tony Yengeni will continue in the Cape Town Magistrate's Court on Tuesday.

In June, the ANC heavyweight said he was hoping that drunken and reckless driving charges against him would be withdrawn.

Yengeni, a member of the ANC national executive committee, made his second appearance before magistrate Nasha Banwari, who extended his R500 bail.

The matter was postponed for the outcome of written representations for the withdrawal of the charges to be submitted to the prosecuting authorities.

Sylvester Vogel, for Yengeni, told the court that he had received details of the two charges from prosecutor Adiel Jansen, and that he needed time to study these.

He undertook to have the written representations submitted to the prosecuting authorities "within a month".

As an alternative to the drunken driving charge, Yengeni is alleged to have driven with a blood-alcohol level of 0.25%, five times the legal limit of 0.05.

He was arrested in August last year, after City of Cape Town law enforcement officials saw him allegedly driving his Maserati erratically near the intersection of Somerset and Dixon roads in the Cape Town CBD.

In 2007, Yengeni was arrested in Goodwood, Cape Town, on a charge of drunken driving, but was found not guilty.

At the time of his arrest in Goodwood, he was out on parole after his 2003 conviction for fraud.

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On The Edge 2014/08/12 05:50:40 AM
One year later... and still no conviction... money buys you anything! Was it you or me, we would have been locked up by now or slapped with a hefty fine, etc... The word justice is a farce when we see so much corruption being justified! Sickening...
Stefan Ferreira 2014/08/12 05:52:06 AM
ANC. NEC. Drunk driving. Not found guilty. Fraud. Out on parole. Drunk driving. Always the same! Is there anybody in the ANC that is not corrupt, a criminal, or a liar? When is this going to stop?
Sam Masuku 2014/08/12 05:52:11 AM
Why can't he serve time for once. For he never learns from his past crimes, and sure there's more to come still. Or perhaps he's in the higher places.
Karen 2014/08/12 05:52:22 AM
Unf...believable!! He hopes the case will be withdrawn? that's the ANC members for you!
Cleanupthemess 2014/08/12 06:14:01 AM
Past crimes, but still qualifies for ANC leadership!? Rotten to the core!?
Oppie Koppie 2014/08/12 06:15:41 AM
ANC superheros. The Invincibles.....good chance this shyte will walk again or pay a verysmall fine.
Bonginkosi Reuben Mabunda 2014/08/12 06:17:03 AM
I thought he died long ago, he never made it to the headlines ever since...
David Webb 2014/08/12 06:45:36 AM
Proudly brought to you by 62% idiotic voters. While you live in poverty and believe all the crap the ANC tells you, they drive around in flashy sports cars and do as they please. Carry on... maybe one day you will evolve. ...
Edward Radingoana 2014/08/12 06:49:32 AM
Surely there would be ANC illiterates dancing outside court demanding his clearance, remember about 62% of the country's population do not know where they are heading to.
Teko Mohaeka 2014/08/12 06:52:33 AM
The only man to get a weekend off from jail