Zuma meets with Nxasana over NPA inquiry

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma met National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) Mxolisi Nxasana on Friday, the presidency said.

"[The two met] to discuss various matters around the president's intention to hold an enquiry into the NDPP's fitness to hold office," spokesperson Mac Maharaj said in a statement.

"The president has taken note of the issues raised by the NDPP."

He said an announcement would be made when all the processes had been completed.

Earlier this month, Zuma notified Nxasana that he was considering suspending him pending an inquiry into his fitness to hold office.

Nxasana filed an urgent application in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria this week seeking an interdict to stop Zuma from suspending him before he had been provided with full details of the allegations against him and given a chance to make further representations.

Judge Joseph Raulinga postponed his application indefinitely.

Zuma announced his decision to institute the inquiry on 5 July5, after reports emerged that Nxasana had apparently not been given a security clearance because of past brushes with the law.

This included being tried for murder about 30 years ago.

He was acquitted on the charge based on his version of self-defence.

Made-In SA 2014/08/15 03:57:14 PM
In a recent edition of the investigating newspaper on Fridays,i read an interesting article of exactly what the spytapes were. They were the result of a full blown SAPS Crime Intelligence operation,dating back to 2003,called Operation Destroy Lucifer,targeting around 45 people in the NPA and Scorpions like Leonard McCarthy and Gerrie Nel. Another interesting fact is that a former commander of Crime Intelligence,Mulangi Mphegho,at one point in the endless prosecutoral wars stated under oath that these phone intercepts reveal that the NDPP who decided not to charge Number One,Mokotedi Mpshe, had an affair with a prosecutor in Kimberley and that he alledgedly approved fraudulent travel claims by her in order to pursue the relationship with him.Nice blackmailing material don't you think? Mpshe is still an acting judge in the Land Claims court 4 years after he left the post of NDPP and has never appeared before the Judicial Services Commission,where difficult questions can be asked. In that article it is also clearly stated that Mpegho in 2007 approved an application to conduct phone and electronic intercepts of 6 targets on the basis that they are drug suspects.One of that suspects was Leonard McCarthy. A certain Richard Mdluli also approached a certain Prince Mokotedi,head of the NPA "Integrity" Management Unit in September 2007,to ask for help in his investigation of Gerrie Nel,Mokotedi referred him to a certain Nomgcobo Jiba
Fumani Gija 2014/08/15 04:03:25 PM
Zuma you are such a busted. Whats interesting when your name is always on media just for funny staff. You are a rapist, Nkandla Fraudster, Marikana Serial Massacre, Arms Deal. I mean what kinda President are you? I think if you would have got school classes you would be mentally open and knowledgable, idiot.
Proudly Viljoon 2014/08/15 04:03:32 PM
Shoo Boet dont you get tired Zuma needs to get you a Job or even better how about the DA do something about your state of mind, Make peace with it now Zuma is your President, spending the whole day posting useless comments aint gonna change a thing
criticallyhonest 2014/08/15 04:05:51 PM
This individual is supposed to be running the country not using so much of his and many other's time to cover his ar*e. What scares me is just how far the mafiosa will go to protect the clan.
Made-In SA 2014/08/15 04:11:21 PM
There must also be an enquiry into Adv Nomgcobo Jiba,Adv Lawrence Mrwebi and Adv Moipone Noko,PDPP in Kwazulu Natal. They are the ANC team players in the NPA. Adv Jiba and Mrwebi were the ones who shielded Mdluli from prosecution against fraud charges,for defrauding the SAPS secret account out of millions of rands. Jiba also had Adv Gerrie Nel arrested to thwart him with going ahead with the arrest of Jackie Selebi.She also owes Number One big time,because Number One expunged the criminal record of her husband Booker Nhantsi,and he was appointed to a government job after that. Adv Noko and Mrwebi also decided not to go ahead with charges against Peggy Nkonyeni and Mike Mbuyakhulu,MEC members of the ANC in Kwazulu Natal,in the Gaston Savoi "Amigos" case in KZN,although the previous acting PDPP in KZN,Adv Mlotschwa,felt there was a case to be answered by Nkonyeni and Mbhuyakhulu.In fact Mlotschwa was removed,and replaced with Noko,simply because of this case. Noko also withdrew the case against Thoshan Panday,and colonel Navin Madhoe,from the SAPS in KZN,who tried to bribe Genl Johan Booysen with R2 Million.Thoshan Panday is a highly connected individual and a business partner of Edward Zuma,son of Number One. Noko also dropped the case against tenderpreneur Shawn Mpisane.
Erna Westdyk 2014/08/15 04:15:01 PM
Once again someone had to threaten legal action before zuma acted!
Steven Bresler 2014/08/15 04:17:54 PM
Its like Nixon in the US in the 70's. Fire people and make laws to cover your ass. Eventually it gets too much and you end up resigning in disgrace.
matches 2014/08/15 04:18:28 PM
.. what power does Zuma have over his peers that keeps him in power.... ... unfortunatly there is no record of Zuma from "the days of the struggle"..
Sean Lock 2014/08/15 04:19:19 PM
My Personal oppinion. Anyone that voted for this corrupt person or the corrupt party has no right to COMPLAIN about anything !!!!!!!
Reiner Bunger 2014/08/15 04:49:38 PM
Give the guy a break. Shame he looks stressed. Needs a holiday. ..