Zuma - rapturous welcome

Durban - President Jacob Zuma received a rapturous welcome from thousands of women who had packed into Umlazi's King Zwelithini Stadium in Durban on Saturday.

Singing and ulalating from the women, most of whom were wearing African National Congress Womens League uniforms or ANC t-shirts emblazoned with Zuma's portrait.

ANCWL president Angie Motshekga said that much has been achieved since the advent of democracy in 1994, but that much more needed to be achieved to bring gender equality.

"Some of the problems identified 60 years ago still persist. A girl child must not walk with that fear that there is a rapist behind her."

She said that while constitutionally the rights of women were protected, there needed more to be done in achieving gender equality on the ground.

Security was tight at the stadium with snipers visible on top of the main stand of the stadium as the equestrian unit of the eThewkini metro police patrolled the outskirts of the stadium.

There were several performances by numerous bands and groups that sung and danced.

Numerous buses arrived with singing women emanating from them.

Police also had strict control over the Mangosuthu Highway as they controlled traffic.

Women's agenda

However, the festivities were marred by an early accident at the entrance to the highway where police were clearing an accident that had claimed the life of one man.

His body, covered in silver sheeting could still be seen lying on the Mangosuthu Highway as metro police cleared the scene in a bid to keep traffic flowing.

On this day in 1956 around 20 000 women participated in a national march to protest against pass law legislation, which required non-white South Africans to carry a document on them to prove that they were allowed to enter "white areas".

Women of all races and ages from all corners of the country marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

The march was organised by the Federation of South African Women (Fedsaw) and led by Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa, Sophy Williams and Lilian Ngoyi.

This year's festivities were held under the theme: "20 years of democracy: Moving women's agenda forward through socio-economic transformation".

ANTI 2014/08/09 02:53:42 PM
Disgusting headline!
Stephanes Heunis 2014/08/09 02:57:03 PM
surrounded by his favorite sex. scouted for wife no?
Dan Danukdhari 2014/08/09 03:01:14 PM
Keeps legs tightly folded at all times
sxp 2014/08/09 03:02:21 PM
What a lot of twits to welcome a thief in this way.
Thandeka Magagula 2014/08/09 03:04:37 PM
Clearly JZ will only attend national events if they are held in KZN...
Sthembiso Jali 2014/08/09 03:07:39 PM
Viva the Anc viva
Thandeka Magagula 2014/08/09 03:10:56 PM
Clearly JZ will only attend national events if they are held in KZN...
Molefi Leviy Motshabi 2014/08/09 03:14:04 PM
what pisses me off about this events is that they are about "anc".anc this anc that,this was supposed to be about women in general not a certain group that belongs to a certain political party and yet we make noise about racism when white africans dont attend this events...well i dont blame them!
Douglas Simoes 2014/08/09 03:15:03 PM
rent-a-crowds do that
Lucky Tiva 2014/08/09 03:20:10 PM
Good for him,after all its his home province.what did you expect?