Zuma spy tape appeal in SCA

Johannesburg - The Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) will hear an appeal on Friday by President Jacob Zuma against a High Court decision ordering the NPA to hand over a copy of the so-called spy tapes.

Zuma is appealing against a decision by the High Court in Pretoria ordering the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to hand over a copy of certain tapes.

In papers filed at the SCA, Zuma argues his vigilance in the matter is because the Democratic Alliance is the entity seeking disclosure.

He said that he wanted to keep his communications with the NPA in the so-called spy tapes case secret because the DA could use it against him.

The tapes, transcripts, and other documents, relate to a decision the NPA took in 2009 to drop corruption charges against Zuma.

In papers filed as part of the appeal, Zuma maintains his representations to the NPA were made on a confidential basis.

Zuma contends that as president, political leader, and member of the African National Congress, he would be the DA's natural target.

The DA in response will ask the SCA to decide whether the high court order forcing the NPA to give a copy of the tapes to the court registrar was appealable.

The high court held, in granting leave to appeal its order, that the parties had different interpretations of the order.

The matter required the SCA to decide on the final interpretations, the court said.

Nukesta 2014/08/15 05:57:32 AM
One day the whole world will see these tapes and everyone will see Zuma's true side.
Henk Brand 2014/08/15 05:58:46 AM
Nothing came of the previous court orders. So why would he obey any new order? A court order without consequences mean nothing.
Paljas Paljassie 2014/08/15 06:01:37 AM
What do you have to hide Mr President? You are the leader and international representation of this nation. Not suppose to have secrets sir. We are suppose "trust" you!
Mr T. 2014/08/15 06:06:42 AM
Can we put this at rest and move on. There a lot to be done in this country.
Michael Kleber 2014/08/15 06:08:09 AM
I am so tired of reading about zuma please news 24 just have a blackout on this man , I am frustrated at what he does , lies about it and gets away with it , zuma is not good for my country , my tax or my health
Lekker Man Lekker 2014/08/15 06:08:40 AM
Funny, just the other day in the US he said in front of the whole world that SA fights corruption with any means possible! Now what now?
Solly Matome Morapedi 2014/08/15 06:14:30 AM
We want spy tape klaar
Richard Young 2014/08/15 06:19:15 AM
Nothing to hide then nothing In the tapes can be used against you. Quite simple
Peter McNamara 2014/08/15 06:23:02 AM
What u hidding zuma
Dirk Engelbrecht 2014/08/15 06:27:51 AM
Don't be surprised it the "spy tapes" gets misplaced so that all evidence is gone... Boooma is one slippery pig and will do anything so that he's not brought to justice... I'm no EFF supporter but hope that they or someone joins forces with the DA to bring this clown to justice... He and his cronies are busy running this country into the ground... And when there is nothing left the will just use the money they stole to go and live somewhere else...