Date set for Oscar judgment

Pretoria - The judge in the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius says she will give a verdict on 11 September.

Judge Thokozile Masipa made the announcement on Friday after the prosecution and the defence ended final arguments in the murder case against the double-amputee, who shot dead girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine's Day last year.

Pistorius said he mistakenly shot Steenkamp, thinking there was intruder in his home. The prosecution alleges the Olympic runner intentionally killed her after an argument.

Solo Wing 2014/08/08 05:19:54 PM
The writings on the wall for OP,hes going down on 9/11-2014.
Mike Heyns 2014/08/08 05:23:11 PM
9/11 Let the victory lie with the righteousness!!
Letics Vidual 2014/08/08 05:25:58 PM
Guilty as charged ...12 years in the Pen ... Appeal , 8 years ... 4 years then parole . Happy ever after !
Yandisa Mnqanqeni 2014/08/08 05:27:16 PM
His money is finished now so he must go behind bars!!
Ajay Magan 2014/08/08 05:29:27 PM
911 not a good date for oscar
Graeme Musto 2014/08/08 05:35:28 PM
So glad all this crap is over
Chase Cameron 2014/08/08 05:51:15 PM
Oscar is guilty as sin. However, he has a lot going for him namely his disability and his unstable upbringing. The biggest mistake was to allow him to be assessed on an out patient basis. I honestly believe he is a psychopath and lacks empathy. Everything about his past behaviour leads to that. Oscar would sell his own soul to save his skin, which he has done in this matter. I hope that he is removed from society because he is a danger. He cannot be rehabilitated.
Ntaboli Mosenogi 2014/08/08 05:54:45 PM
He must be wishing he was a zuma family
Louis Scholtz 2014/08/08 05:59:56 PM
News24 Hou nie van feite nie so ek sal dit maar mooier stel. Teabag en pappa wag vir jou...
Ralph Tschohl 2014/08/08 06:02:56 PM
Guess where Oscar will be on the night of 12 September 2014? Either in a nightclub fighting and shooting or in a cell! Any takers?