Oscar guilty of murder - State

Pretoria - Paralympic double amputee athlete Oscar Pistorius is guilty of the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, the State said in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on Friday.

"My Lady, he knew it was a human being in the toilet. His intention was to kill a human being," prosecutor Gerrie Nel said in answering the defence's final arguments.

"[if Pistorius] shot into cubicle well-knowing there is a human being in there then he is guilty of murder. My lady, if someone shoots to kill then there must be consequences."

Because Pistorius had said he wanted to shoot an intruder at his Pretoria home on 14 February last year, and not his girlfriend, did not change the fact that it was murder, said Nel.

Pistorius is on trial for the murder of Steenkamp.

He shot and killed her through a locked toilet door at his home. He alleged he mistook her for an intruder. The State contends that he shot her after an argument.

Nel said the defences provided by his defence was "so mutually exclusive that they are mutually destructive".

Pistorius is also charged with three contraventions of the Firearms Control Act, one of illegal possession of ammunition and two of discharging a firearm in public. He has pleaded not guilty to these charges as well.

The case was postponed to 11 September.

John Greystoke 2014/08/08 06:15:10 PM
OK. We have heard it all and at times it was very entertaining. Let's wait for the verdict and a possible episode 2, if there is an appeal!
Mualusi Nhlanhla Skhumbuzo 2014/08/08 06:19:48 PM
Dear News24. No news is good news
Mkhize Victor 2014/08/08 06:24:28 PM
justice for reeva
Kenwood Benediction Man-united 2014/08/08 06:26:31 PM
Will this case come to an end?If he really killed her,just lock him rather than taking so long time.He will never tolerate dat he killed her 4llowing an argument
Tshepo WA Lekhosi Raymond 2014/08/08 06:27:57 PM
Stop playing with our mind and charge the guy and put him away, you shout to kill that's a murder there's no way we can put it so he's guity as charged.
Andrew Crawford 2014/08/08 06:27:59 PM
If the shots were fired at 3:12 am and the cricket bat sounds were at 3:17 am, what was he doing in the 5 minute interval? Also, his crying and screaming was not necessarily grief for Reeva but the cold realisation that he had messed his life up and the faeces had hit the fan! He realised that he had screwed up and it was self pity!
Nhlanganiso Faku 2014/08/08 06:31:31 PM
judgement day,it has to come.a human being shall reap what he sows.
Sthembiso Jali 2014/08/08 06:35:26 PM
BR is a very good lawyer that goes without saying but Oscar is guilty as charged and that also goes without saying. Hope he rots in jail.
Finya Ngendololwane 2014/08/08 06:37:03 PM
Sometimes It may be pretty dangerous for men to invite 'girlfriends' to their bedrooms because some may see men as all good at night and unexpectedly switch to an opposite terrible mood in the wee hours of the morning and even threaten to report rape. It is therefore better for men to get married and stay away from cheap sex thrills
Anita Zondagh 2014/08/08 06:38:05 PM
I agree! #Justice for Reeva!