Pistorius murder trial to take-off

Johannesburg - On Monday, the presentation and rejection of facts from fiction and frenzy will begin in the High Court in Pretoria as Oscar Pistorius - once South Africa's golden boy - goes on trial for the murder of his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Pistorius faces charges of premeditated murder and contravening the Firearms Control Act in the trial which is expected to last at least three weeks.

The proceedings in the wood-panelled courtroom will be broadcast live on television and radio, with the initial indictment listing 107 witnesses to testify for the State.

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel and defence lawyer Barry Roux will each fight for their version of events to stand up to the scrutiny of Judge Thokozile Masipa who will preside over the trial.

The double amputee Paralympic athlete has admitted to shooting Steenkamp at his Pretoria home on Valentine's Day last year.

At his bail hearing, Pistorius's lawyer submitted the athlete had thought he was shooting an intruder, when he fired his pistol through a door to a toilet.

In the days running up to the trial, media outlets have vied with each other for the most salacious details they could give their readers; publishing and broadcasting, amongst others, a video of Pistorius shooting a watermelon, details of a new teenage girlfriend, reports of allegedly leaked prosecution documents and a gallery of graphic depictions of key people and events.

Gauteng traffic police have warned motorists and pedestrians of high security and expected congestion around the North Gauteng High Court from Monday morning.

Reine Marais 2014/03/03 03:00:25 AM
News24... any chance that you can somehow give this a rest? Maybe ONE update per day? You are alienating a lot of people by drenching them with repeated information. This is not a circus forum. It is a news forum. Please try to understand the difference.
Wayne Hambides 2014/03/03 03:15:16 AM
Agree Reine
Blackandwhite WhiteandBlack 2014/03/03 04:03:34 AM
Why did you delete my previous comment? As I said before, this is getting boring and Mr N will do his best to make a case against one Mr O. Guilty or not guilty. Let justice prevail.
Thuli Mbene 2014/03/03 04:42:22 AM
Eish! Poor dude got a masipa judge.
Ralph Tschohl 2014/03/03 04:57:55 AM
More about Oscar? Please stop! Let the man have his day in court!
Qcehe Dhekym Kemyk 2014/03/03 05:32:49 AM
every dog has its day let the justice privail,oscar must serve what he did to reeva,she doesn't deserve that may she so RIP
Michael Mooketsi 2014/03/03 06:09:10 AM
tax payers money wastd on nothng
Adele Coetzee 2014/03/03 06:11:15 AM
Just because he is well known, why does it make this case so important. What about mudrers in SA where people are being brutaly murdered daily in the worst way possible.
Alexandria Ntokozo Nxumalo 2014/03/03 06:14:03 AM
I agree Rene, its been a while since we last heard about Nkandla , what's happening there
Winifred Watson 2014/03/03 06:49:35 AM
So sick and tired of the media and this case, really the way I look at it why bother to spend the money on this trial, thanks to the media this guy has been crucified already. Eish worse than birds fighting fighting for a crumb of bread.