Oscar sells Pretoria house for R4.5m

Pretoria - The house in which Oscar Pistorius killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, has been sold to a Boksburg mining consultant for R4.5m, YOU magazine reported on Thursday.

The four-bedroom luxury home in Silverwoods Country Estate in Pretoria was bought by Louwtjie Louwrens who apparently intends to rent it out.

Pistorius said during his bail application that the house was worth R5m.

Steenkamp was shot dead on Valentine’s Day in 2013. Pistorius during his trial said it was a matter of mistaken identity, but the State charges it was murder.

The NPA said on Wednesday the State has filed its final arguments in the case.

"We are ready to argue," said spokesperson Nathi Mcube.

Final argument in Pistorius's murder trial will be heard on 7 August.

Earlier this year Pistorius’s lawyers announced that he wanted to sell his house to cover legal fees for his murder trial.

At the time the 27-year-old's lawyer Brian Webber said in a statement: "It has become necessary to sell Mr Pistorius's home in the Silver Woods Country Estate in Pretoria in order for him to raise the necessary funds to cover his increasing legal costs.”

Pistorius’s home was reportedly on the market since 2011.

Last year Beeld quoted Ina Laubscher, an estate agent for Pam Golding Properties, by September 2011, when the sale of the house became her responsibility, the property had been on the market for months.

At the time the asking price for the house was R6.5m.

Robin Ackermann 2014/07/31 01:23:23 PM
No flippen way I would rent that house in principle, nevermind buy it.
Vikesh Juggernath 2014/07/31 01:25:38 PM
I would not spend so much on a house if it does not have a toilet door
Matome Lucky 2014/07/31 01:26:59 PM
Who will sleep in that house where somebody has been killed? Make it a museum or something
Willie van Wyk 2014/07/31 01:44:34 PM
Now that's some BANG for your BUCK!!!
Renier Smith 2014/07/31 01:48:04 PM
A comumity that claim to be largely christian but ignoring one of the most basic biblical rulea. Do not judge
Mike Kirk 2014/07/31 01:49:19 PM
One day it will be a museum, good move - he will be laughing all the way to the bank.
Sunette Smit 2014/07/31 01:49:59 PM
700m2 in size? I don't think so.
Eric Rimmer 2014/07/31 01:54:55 PM
Clever move as he will surely make a lot more than that when the Oscar movie is one day made.
Glenn Owen Watkins 2014/07/31 02:09:50 PM
Take the money and invest it in a 25 year fixed term.....you wont be needing it until then....
King Kingsoul 2014/07/31 02:22:44 PM
after all only Mr OP knows the real truth of what happened,a mankind things were never mean't to last.Is drastically complicated to tell if the guy is guilty or not.