Pistorius was deceitful, tailored evidence - Nel

Pretoria - Murder-accused paralympian Oscar Pistorius tailored his version of what happened the night he shot dead his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp because he was concerned of the implications, the North Gauteng High Court heard on Thursday.

"The accused did not present as someone striving to give a truthful version, but... someone who was tailoring a version and was more concerned with the implications of his answers," prosecutor Gerrie Nel said.

"The accused was more concerned about 'defending for his life' than entrusting the court with a truthful account of his conduct on that fateful morning."

Lies had 'snowball' effect

Nel said the lies told had a snowball effect, but that not all "untruths" were important.

During the trial Pistorius said he was "fighting for his life" when Nel cross-examined him.

Nel said Pistorius admitted that his evidence consisted of what he could remember and a reconstruction of the events. He said this should sound warning lights.

"The accused should give a version of what happened," Nel said.

"This is an indication of the nature of the accused... He had to adapt his version. This is a significant implication of the accused's deceitfulness."

Nel said the court should reject Pistorius's version because he used phrases like "my memory is not very good at the moment" and "I do not have an independent recollection".

"The accused created a version that simply revealed his mendacity and deceitfulness," Nel argued during his closing arguments.

Domino effect

"It is our respectful submission that tailoring of evidence must have a domino effect."

If one piece of the mosaic was moved, the rest would also be moved to keep the picture intact.

Nel referred to the placement of a duvet and fans that arose during the trial.

He said Pistorius had tailored a version to explain why the duvet was not in a certain position.

Pistorius had said he could not run on his stumps and therefore he did not run away. But he could run between bedroom and bathroom.

Pistorius is charged with Steenkamp's murder on Valentine's Day last year. He is also charged with three contraventions of the Firearms Control Act. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Simon Khatwane 2014/08/07 01:07:40 PM
it was very wrong for the court to put so much pressure on oscar
Finya Ngendololwane 2014/08/07 01:13:34 PM
I hope this will serve as a lesson for ladies who would like to be in bedrooms with men they are not married to. It is pretty dangerous
Tony Meintjes 2014/08/07 01:17:53 PM
Oscar does not have a fibre of morality......a self centered, jealous, aggressive spoilt little boy.......Gerrie, get this thug in jail for life......
Akhona Makuluma 2014/08/07 03:48:56 PM
This "white" latie deserves a life sentence,no favorism of his profile or colour.His wasting our time by crying no mercy on thi case.
Ike Raddox 2014/08/07 05:33:57 PM
Finya, u need ur head examined!! Cn i recomend a shrink for u? Ur name says it all
dorina.lucretia 2014/08/07 06:44:12 PM
Its sickening to watch OP lie his way out of murdering his gf...just to show you he never loved her! Once again it proves his narcissistic characteristic as its about him and him alone. One sick man OP is!