Pistorius's sister approaches Steenkamps

Pretoria - Oscar Pistorius's sister Aimee approached family members of Reeva Steenkamp on Thursday morning.

During a tea break in the North Gauteng High Court, Aimee stood talking to the athlete, dressed in a black suit.

A few minutes later, she approached the Steenkamp side of the public gallery. A visibly emotional Aimee sat down next to Steenkamp's cousin and spoke to her softly.

Steenkamp's cousin squeezed Aimee's arm before she got up and returned to her family.

A short while later, Oscar Pistorius glanced over the public gallery before exchanging a few words with a photographer sitting next to him.

He then went to chat to his aunt where the two bowed their heads, held hands and said a brief prayer.

Thursday marks the 12th anniversary of the death of Pistorius's mother Sheila.

During the tea break, Pistorius chatted to his family and his lawyers and then sat by himself at the front of the court eating a sandwich.

Ralf Schmitt 2014/03/06 01:10:29 PM
This must be the most pointless article ever.
Marc Klynhans 2014/03/06 01:37:58 PM
Here's a strange fact I think I remember: I think I recall that Barry Roux said (to one of the witnesses) that if the bathroom door had been broken down before the shooting, Oscar could not have shot through the door. No one said anything about the possibility of the door being broken down before the shooting (not yet at least). And a broken door doesn't mean it's not vertical.
Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg 2014/03/06 01:43:48 PM
Good one Aimee.
Mantsi Mashigo 2014/03/06 03:12:56 PM
I cannot speak for the masses. But I will point out that once a person is accused of ANY form of wrong-doing, there will always be those who have an opinion about it. OP may be innocent and, for arguments sake, lets assume that he IS innocent and all charges are dismissed, there will always be someone who thinks he is guilty. There will always be people who think of this moment when they think of him. For that reason alone, he is permanently tainted. He may have done many wonderful things throughout his life and career, but he will now be most remembered for one single moment, this one. Guilty or innocent his life is now defined by these criminal charges. The good he has or will accomplish will forever be marred by this incident. When someone recalls his television performances they will describe him as the following: "Do you remember that guy who was a Blade Runner That ummm.... OP, the guy who was accused of Murder? Hmm, I wonder whatever happened to him
Louw Johan 2014/03/06 03:23:35 PM
Just commonsense that if there is an intruder in your house and you know he is in the bathroom ,the most logic thing to do is to hide so that you can see the door and then ask the person to come out or you will shoot the door down ... after the first scream and that of a women …then he should have think where is my girlfriend!!! and not fired more shots. She was probably leaning against the door to prevent him from open the door that is why all the shots on the right side of her body is from the lower body all the way to the head !!!He knew that she was holding on to the door that is why he fire all those shots in a certain order.
Caroline Jacobs 2014/03/06 04:28:41 PM
Praying for you Oscar! you will be found not guilty!!!!
Christian Lambert Nair 2014/03/06 07:20:35 PM
I've heard people rave about Gerrie Nel...some kind of "litigation artist"!How does he put defense witnesses on the stand who give conflicting stories.Yes the husband & wife statements seem similar but Stipps testimony is glaringly different.He said he "heard gunshots and the female screams" while they said they "heard screams before shots"!Surely this inconsistency would have been identified during the witness interviews.
Fatimah Mavuso 2014/03/06 11:00:28 PM
ths man is going dwn
Stephen Carlton 2014/03/07 09:20:11 AM
I am so tired of this being about Oscar, and the deceased she was a human being and her name is Reeva and he is guilty of killing her, the only thing for discussion should be 15 years or life