State files final arguments in Oscar case

Johannesburg - The State has filed its final arguments in the case of murder accused Oscar Pistorius, the NPA said on Wednesday.

"We have filed the closing arguments in the high court today and are ready to argue," said spokeperson Nathi Mcube.

Final argument in Pistorius's murder trial will be heard on 7 August.

On 8 July, Judge Thokozile Masipa ruled that no heads of argument could be published in print or electronic media until the commencement of the arguments in court.

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel made the application to prevent publication.

Masipa said the broadcast or publication of such documents, before they had been heard in court, was theft.

The Paralympian is on trial for shooting dead his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on 14 February last year.

He claims he shot her by accident through the locked door of his toilet in his Pretoria home, thinking she was an intruder about to emerge and attack him.

The State contends he killed her during an argument.

Pistorius underwent a month-long psychiatric evaluation at Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital, after which the court heard he did not suffer from general anxiety disorder.


Dagga Magazine 2014/07/30 11:27:01 PM
He is going down...
Blackandwhite WhiteandBlack 2014/07/31 12:05:24 AM
Ag, just get on with it already and let the axe fall. He will try and pull a move and ask for a miss trial because he thinks he is bigger and better then the law. May justice prevail once and for all.
Abra Dhlamini 2014/07/31 12:07:52 AM
The killing of Oscar case,it is everyday in south Africa, he is not the first man to shoot his girl they shoots woman children, everyday & they shoot themself after! I don't why he forgot to shoot himself, before got arrested,because he new what he was doing, buster!!
Carel G Nel 2014/07/31 12:42:29 AM
Gerrie Nel the "Maesto" not one of Oscar's expert witnesses create any doubt in Oscar's favour. Gerrie manipulated Oscar's witnesses as never seen before. Dr. Merryl Vorster "finding" even cause Oscar a 30 days at Weskoppies. Oscar will be found guilty of murder, the judge will have empathy for him and I think will give him only 20 years instead of life behind bars. She may address Oscar and tell him he is a (1) terrible liar, he (2) refuse to accept responsibility and therefor are a danger to society and the (3) society must be protected against him. The problem with someone refuse to accept responsibility in the LAW is that such a person can't be rehabilitated, but I think the judges will give him a chance. GREAT WORK GERRIE!!!
Hennie Bezuidenhout 2014/07/31 02:46:30 AM
May he get what he deserves....
Martin Mngomezulu 2014/07/31 04:56:28 AM
I'm sick of this Oscar case.... it's been too long now
Henry Patterson 2014/07/31 05:09:32 AM
viva oscar viva
Stefan Ferreira 2014/07/31 06:05:11 AM
@Brett. Dude, seriously. White guy shoots white girl and somehow you make this about race?
Craig Merwe 2014/07/31 06:06:24 AM
I hope Gerrie gets his Oscar. Great job Gerrie Nel !!!
Niel Bruwer 2014/07/31 06:21:31 AM
Do yourselves a favour and see how many black people bring race into everything. Then they cslk whites racist!